July 22, 2004

BS&R News Page Functioning

The BS&R news page is once again functioning. The old NewsPro archives has been adapted and important into the new Movable Type publishing system.

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November 28, 2001

The Guild that keeps on!

Zanthor, known to some of you as our own “Travis,” posted the following tribute to the BS&R guild at the Online Gaming Comments and News, here.

Thanks for the tribute, Travis. I'll be expecting that bio on my desk first thing Monday morning! ;]

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October 12, 2001

The BS&R “Map Room”

The Britannia Search & Rescue “Map Room” is as a Treasure Hunters’ Rune Library, and is a direct reference to the main room of our Trinsic Operations Center, on the Felucca facet of the Baja shard. The Map Room contains runes to all the treasure chest locations in the Felucca facet on Ultima Online’s Baja shard.

There’s been some links added to the navigation area on the left of our site, and the direct link to the Map Room’s “sub-site” is www.hurm.com/guild/maproom/.

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September 25, 2001

Message Board Link Updated

I've finally updated the "Message Board" link in the navigation aera at the left.

I haven't created a new message board, since our guild is currently in a commununication "lull," I'm not completely satisfied with the (free) message boards available, and our hosting service hasn't been the greatest lately as far as scripts go. I've decided to point the message board link to the Avalon message board, here, since many BS&R guildmates have been involved strongly in Avalon, until such time as I decide to create our own board.

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July 23, 2001

New BS&R Gear

Cafe Press recently made some additional goods available for it's users, such as some hats, a tank top, a tote bag, boxer shorts. I jumped all over this and started setting up some more BS&R merchandise items. Check out what's now available at http:/www.cafepress.com/bsandr.

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May 29, 2001

SitePowerUp is closing shop; BS&R boards moving

You may have read up top that all the SitePowerUp boards will be closed as of Friday. We'll be moving the BS&R boards most likely away from any outside service. It'll be a part of a Hurm.com group of forums. Don't worry about finding it, you'll be able read about where it'll be on the BS&R news site, and there'll be a link to the new board off the BS&R site.

Stay tuned for an update within a week.

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March 25, 2001

Event Tool idea, a tool for player events

I had an idea for an in-game tool for Ultima Online, called the “event tool”. This uniquely colored canvas, only superficially similar in function to Guildstones and Factions stones, would allow a number of guilds to collect their efforts into developing enhancements for player-driven events and activities.

All the Participants attached to the event tool would be able to “feed” the tool with such resources as logs, ingots, and gold, and these resources would automatically convert into “event tool points”. Event tool points would be used by the Director of the event tool to generate deeds for special Actors (superficially similar to player Vendors), house or “lawn” Ornaments, Props that can be carried, and even a limited amount of Adversaries.

Community leaders and Guildmasters which have groups split onto multiple Guildstones would be able to enhance play for their respective groups without conflicting with Guildwar or Faction wars mechanics. For example, a player-city could have an event stone that includes those characters on its Citizen Guildstone (which is not involved in any Guildwars or Faction Wars), its Guard Guildstone (which is involved in temporary Guildwars but not involved in Faction Wars), its Mage Guildstone (which is not involved in Guildwars but is involved in Factions Wars), and its Rangers Guildstone (a splinter of the Citizen and Guard Guildstones which maintains permanent Guildwars with role-playing groups but is not involved in Faction Wars). All these subgroups would be able to enjoy the benefits of the event tool.

Non-Participants would not be overly affected by the application of the event tool by any specific group, as event tool created entities will not be able block, attack, be blocked, or be attacked by non-Participants.

The complete event tool concept can be read here. Please feel free to make any comments on the BS&R message board. (A zipped version of the current event tool documentation in RTF format, openable in most word processing programs, is available here. It is about 12k in size as a Zipped archive, and about 12 pages long.)

Although I've posted several smaller & simpler ideas here and to places — such as for hitching posts, gardening, and players being able to label cakes, I guess every "idea person" such as myself eventually bubbles over with their "Big Idea", like Joshua Rowan's and his Nobility System, and Talanithus's recent broadcast crystal idea. I've only shared this so far with a few people, such as the aforementioned Joshua Rowan, Hazard of Baja's Freeborn Press , and one or two other people when it was merely a two or three paragraph idea a few weeks ago.

Thanks for your indulgence in reading & critiquing my latest idea, and thanks in advance for your feedback.

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December 7, 2000

Nigel sworn into BS&R

Congratulations to Nigel on his being sworn into Britannia Search & Rescue. Nigel was sworn into BS&R this evening in the Trinsic Operations Center in Felucca. The Lizard Men came out once again to pay their deep respect to our guild.

Nigel comes to us as a fledgling Treasure Hunter, and will nodoubt be a tremendously valuable assest as our Treasure Hunter's Rune Library nears completion.

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September 8, 2000

Blitz is Back

Hi all,

After an absence of over two years, Blitz is back in UO with the BS&R. So, you may be saying to yourself, "Blitz? Who is Blitz?" I was a very, very, very important member at the beginning of the BS&R. I started it, built it up and then that lousy Nobody took it over. Okay, so that isn't exactly how it went, but that's of little importance. The important thing is that I was there in the beginning and now I'm back. Well... it's important to me.


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September 7, 2000

Our BS&R site now uses Newspro

The Britannia Search & Rescue news page now uses Newspro, a free cgi script that many people now use to manage their news pages. I’ll be working out whatever bugs that may appear, and we’ll see how we can useit to our maximum benefit.

I’ll me making other changes throughout the site, too. Cross your fingers!

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March 21, 1999

New Message Board

The BS&R Message Board’s new URL is http://www.sitepowerup.com/mb/view.asp?BoardID=100433. The old one is no longer in effect.

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March 19, 1999

Avalon’s New Prime Minister

Recently, on Saturday, March 6th, I (Nobody) was appointed Avalon’s Prime Minister, and on Monday, March 15th, was sworn in as part of a larger Avalon ceremony. (My new Guildstone title, in fact, reflects both of my leader roles: [PM-Avalon; GM-BS&R, ].)

Avalon is a player community located on Ultima Online’s Baja Shard. It has been officially in existence since June 2nd, 1998. More information can be found on it’s web site can be found at its web site, http://avalon.crpgtavern.com.

Many of you may already know that I have enjoyed various degrees of activity in Avalon for some time, most recently helping manage the Lucina Juno’s Avalon Merchant Cooperative.

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March 7, 1999

My ICQ Contact List is gone

I just reinstalled ICQ and most of my Contact List is gone. Anyone who wishes to once again be on my list needs to send me a message at  4365757. Make sure you say who you are and how I know you, because it’s likely I might reject someone who isn’t related to my BS&R or Avalon activities.

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February 13, 1999

EverQuest in testing

As you probably already know most of the BS&R news lately is of the “transient” variety, that is to say it is of the type that does not have lasting impact. As such BS&R news can pretty much be disseminated effectively by only using the Message Board. Well, EverQuest is up to its Phase 4 of the Beta test, and PapaMan and Calvin aren’t the only ones who have it now.

Some Members, especially PapaMan, want to spread the BS&R out into other games. “Wonderful!” sayeth I. Relating this to EverQuest: there’s only going to be a certain finite number of guilds allowed in the game, with each accepted official guild having to have a minimum of 10 members. We need to know which BS&R Members play EverQuest, and then we can get the ball rolling on becoming official for EQ.

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December 23, 1998

Holiday Feast

Pfft. And you thought I forgot about our Holiday Feast. I’m thinking next Monday night, December 28th, at 8pm Pacific Time. The location is the BS&R Smithy, located just north of the cemetery in the swamps north of Trinsic. I expect it to be a small, quaint gathering. BYOB. :]

I hope to swear in our latest Member, Lucina Juno of Avalon (in fact, in charge of the Avalon Merchant Cooperative) at this time. It’s likely that some Avalonians will be there as well. It’s just a big barbecuing mixer.

BUT, that’s not all. I’ll be Friending all BS&R Members to this “Operations Center,” as per the new Ultima Online house rules. (More on that on the AMC site on which I work.).

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December 9, 1998

Blah, blah

While I was accepted into the phase 4 of their Beta test, I haven’t heard from the EverQuest people yet about when I will get my CD. In the meantime I have to hear PapaMan, Calvin, and some others gloating about their good fortune and my laziness in sending in the application. :]

I’ve helped set up the Avalon Merchant Cooperative (AMC). It’s going to have a Commissary—a large brick building (donated by Legolos) which will be a Vendor market. Ultimax has declared himself the Commissar of Avalon’s merchant mall, and is working on his IDing skills.

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November 19, 1998


I don’t know about you, but I went to www.everquest.com today and signed up for the phase 4 of their Beta test. I hope to get in if only to be a human shield for our intrepid adventurer, PapaMan. EverQuest is a first-person, massively-multiplayer, Internet, fantasy adventure/role-playing game.

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November 18, 1998

1 Message Board

Our first message board was deleted by the service that hosted it due to lack of use. We shall mourn it’s passing.

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October 24, 1998

BS&R web site revisions continue, still

Some of the (sub)links of the BS&R pages you may have bookmarked possible do not currently exist. Don’t worry, the pages will be available again once my revisions are done. However, they won’t be the same specific URLs. In fact, don’t bookmark them as I make these changes, because they could still be changing on a weekly basis.

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Second Commendation goes to O’lorae

The GODS continue to be blessed by O’lorae. Nobody the Eternal has bestowed the second Commendation of the GODS unto O’lorae the Prophet, now to be addressed as O’lorae the Saint. O’lorae the Saint has received this great honor due to his being compelled to kill a Mortal looter  in order to safeguard the items precious to, not one, but two of his fellow GODS. This act of was done with the foreknowledge that , in doing so, would immediately result in a drop in O’lorae’s Notoriety. Precious are these these moments when the GODS may recognize the vigilance and sense of duty of one of their own.

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October 20, 1998

The BS&R web site revisions continue

The web page updating goes as planned, although slower than I have hoped. Both areas of the web site, member and non-member, will be integrated into one site. This is a temporary measure, and I plan to finally password protect the members area soon. Why merge them at all? Well, the combination site, with all the redundancies, is getting pretty confusing.

Thanks for being patient with someone who has taken on more than he thought.

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October 10, 1998

2 Things with Avalon

Sure, more of a personal note, but here’s some news about me.

A couple of weeks ago Avalon asked me to help them by being their assistant Events guys. I was a little surprised, but maybe I can squeak out one or two fun things in the month that I gave myself to “put up or shut up.” Anyone who has an idea and/or wants to contribute please drop me an e-mail or ICQ message.

The other thing about Avalon is actually a two-parter. The first part concern’s Lucina Juno, head of Avalon’s supplies, resources, and Vendors. She’s formed the Avalon Merchant Cooperative and I’m going to help her. To this end I have taken over the Avalon Town Hall front door (key) Vendor. I’m compiling information about Vendors and services based in Avalon, will create a web directory using this information—and connecting it to a map of Avalon). I’m going to create the AMC web page as well, at www.hurm.com/amc/.

(Oh, and I also accidentally broke some links when I did the web revisions. When you come across them please let me know, and you can use the easy forms to do it, too.

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October 8, 1998

Updated my Avalon Proposal

Why is the player city of Avalon important to me? Because I see it as important to the Shard. I have a broad scope in mind, and I see Avalon as the best way to help develop Baja into a Shard more condusive to massive multi-playe Events. Be they role-playing, combat contests, or arbitration between Baja’s comminities, I see Avalon as a simple means toward a an end more productive for us all.

I have been spending a lot of my time there and, yes, I’ve let slip some of my BS&R duties. I’ve created a new government structure for Avalon, and their leaders like it and may actually implement it, and soon.

The BS&R is important in my vision, and I’m not just talking general. You ask for specifics? Fine—check out the latest update I did with regard to Meeting Protocols. You may recognize some of the ideas I nearly blatantly lifted from something Argon suggested for the BS&R oh, so long ago. The site itself is at www.hurm.com/avalon/.

Search & Rescue. Something basic and needed. I like to think my focus has not has not changed, but expanded. I’m looking to help, not just small groups of newbies, those who are lagged, weak, or foolish, or even each other. I’m looking to help the entire Shard, to plan ahead, to prevent more than damage control, and to prosper. I’m crossing my fingers that this’ll happen.

PS: For those of you who were wondering, we never had the in-game funerals for PapaMan and Fiatofa characters. I guess it’s not going to happen.

PPS: I can’t get UOX nor FUSE to work now. I wish I knew how to program.

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September 12, 1998

The BS&R web site revisions preview

For those of you who enjoy watching me remake my websites you are in luck! Check out what will be the next layout for the BS&R web site by clicking here. Tell your friends! But, don’t show them. Just taunt them a little...you know, like “nyah nyah! I’ve seen the new BS&R web site and you haven’t!”

And if you see anything that needs a’fixin’, don’t be shy about telling me. Like those pesky links that are out of date. This is going to become a portfolio piece, so be harsh. Be cruel. Make me cry like the sissy I am. I want this thing to sing, baby.

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September 8, 1998


The Funeral
Funeral plans still in the works for PapaMan and Fiatofa. I’d like to work it so that at least one of the deceased can, um, be there, er, in spirit. :]

I’m still playing with UOX. I had a problem with it, but I guess the World File got screwed up. I got UOX working again, but have to remake the world. Maybe that’s just as well, because there was some weird lag-thing going on at the end, but isn’t there anymore.

I call my “Shard” Nissequogue, and it helps support my web site creation addiction. How? Well, take a look here. Will it be a public Shard? No. It’ll be only for BS&R Members and their guests. Eventually we’ll have to keep in mind that, while UOX may support up to 32 people playing at a time, my computer will not. (Although a new video card and ISP may fix that problem.)

Web Update
I’m going to update the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild web site to allow for a broader base of gamers. It seems inevitable that, at some point, the BS&R will expand out from Ultima Online to other multi-player internet games.

My current vision is this: a main area that appeals to all active, inactive, and potential BS&R members, as well as those who are “just visiting.” I’ll create a page within this area that describes the Virtues, specifically for those people who aren’t familiar with the Ultima mythology.

Much simpler secondary areas will be developed, perhaps even only as simple as a Message Board and Events & Screenshot page(s) for each game, although a related Members page would probably also be handy. I’m going to take out the Villains page. It’s not really relevant anymore, and maybe never has been for a “search & rescue” team.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments on what you would like to see (or not see) on the BS&R web site, please tell me now before I go overboard (again). Things I want to know, for instance, are: should the background be darker? Lighter? No texture in background? Too many oranges? Too few? :] Certain color combinations don’t work on your monitor? Certain fonts or layouts come out all screwy on your browser? Send an e-mail to Nobody at nobody@hurm.com, or even leave a message on the Message Board in the posting section.

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September 2, 1998

A Plague Sweeps Baja

PapaMan and Fiatofa have been deleted. Somehow the servers, on Baja especially, are fouled up and items, even characters, are being deleted. OSI has no explanation, nor will they make good on their faulty service. In exasperation PapaMan has cancelled his account. Fiatofa remains n the game as a player, but Fiatofa the character is no more. Funeral plans are proceeding for our fallen comrades.

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August 18, 1998

Sort of the One Year Anniversary on the 21st?

Severian, a Founder of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild, has returned to Ultima Online. He may now be seen strutting around Baja. Feel free to conk him on the head when you see him. :]

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August 6, 1998

Sort of the One Year Anniversary on the 21st?

August 21, 1997. That’s when we Founders created our guild. Except it wasn’t Britannia Search & Rescue then. Check into the Old News if you want to learn more, or even some of the Old Snapshots.

FYI: the Britannia Search & Rescue was (re)conceived on October 27th, 1997.

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Delay on T-shirts

I went to a Renaissance Faire and amusement park last weekend and ended up getting sick. I’ll send out the t-shirts soon. Sorry about the delay.

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July 29, 1998


I’ve had some ideas on creating a town pop into my head for quite a while. In fact, I’ve even made a mock-up web page describing most of these ideas. Recently I suggested to the Avalon Council that the Britannia Search & Rescue would like to help them in whatever capacity they need, and I sent them the URL of my Town web page. Heck, if I’m gonna let them in on it, I’m gonna show all of you, too. It’s called Nowheresville, and you can find it here, at www.hurm.com/nowheresville. Give me whatever feedback you like, via nobody@hurm.com.

(Note: it’s not a “BS&R town,” although you may see quite a bit of the BS&R concepts here and there in the Town’s description. My idea was to create a town, not a city, that could be run by anyone in-game.)

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I just picked up the BS&R T-shirts

The shirts are in and, you know what? I kinda like ’em :]. I’m kinda booked until early next week, which is when I’ll be able to start mailing them out. I guess everyone should get them by the end of next week—of if the mail is really slow, then at the beginning of the following week.

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July 23, 1998

Are YOU an Active BS&R Member?

Okee doke, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Just got onto an upgraded web server and will probably switch to a really fast one soon. Brought in a few new members, check out the Members Page for their names and ICQ UINs. I figure we should have a party soon, and I’m thinking to maybe have it in the Player Town of Avalon (located West of the Dungeon Wrong, along the bay coast).

While I was on the Members Page I was sorting through who is Active and who isn’t. I think I got this stuff up to date, but if you know of someone who quit Ultima Online please tell me, so I can keep everyone up to date.

For those of you who may keep track I count 38 Active Members (12 Charter Members and 26 additional) out of 60. Even if I am 20% off then more than half of us are still Active, with more still coming in—Since August 1997. I wonder how many other guilds can claim such loyalty? Thanks; all of you who are still in the BS&R make me feel really cool. Tee! Okay, go back to what you were doing. Don’t forget to go offline once in a while. I know I do—how else could I make the phone call to get the t-shirts? :]

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Calvin appointed Shard Leader of Crow River

I got accepted into the Crow River Beta Test,  if I can actually get onto it when it’s not down :] . I have already told Calvin that I already consider him the Shard Leader of Crow River, since he was already there and keeping me up to date. Nicodemus and Calvin are already spreading the BS&R ethics there. I will be helping them set up a Britannia Search & Rescue Chapter there in whatever way I can.

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July 22, 1998

BS&R T-Shirts Designed

Still waiting for the t-shirts. Not much of an update, sorry. :]

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June 30, 1998

BS&R T-Shirts Designed

Okee doke, I made up something for everyone to see. The t-shirt has its own official page, accessible via the “Structure” section, or just click here. The shirt will be orange, with white ink for the art.

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

BS&R T-Shirts Ahoy!

Who wants a Britannia Search & Rescue t-shirt? I finally talked with my t-shirt guy, and now have the information I need to get this done.

I figure that the shirts, depending on which color choices and mailing costs, should be about 8 bucks. How’s that? Don’t you love it when you get a great deal?

Time Frame
It should take about a day or two for me to finish and get him the new designs, about 4 days with him, and then whatever time to mail them out (3 days? 4?). Let’s say 8 – 10 days.

Now that I can make accurate choices for the colors I’ll be finalizing the design and t-shirt color. The front left breast will have a “Semper Cuius” logo. The back with have a newer version of the current BS&R logo, the current/older one can be found here. I’ll put up a picture of the design once I finalize it.

Ordering Yours
If you want a BS&R t-shirt, here’s what I need  you to e-mail to me:

When you place your order I’ll give you my address and you can send me a check or money order either before or after you get the t-shirt.

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June 22, 1998

We’ve Been Formally Invited to VIRTUE FEST ’98!

BoB’s a new and eager member of the Britannia Search & Rescue, and he’s based on the Lake Superior Shard. An ally of his is Eric the Red, of the Nox Ordo guild (http://ultima.noxordo.com). They are having Virtue Fest ’98 on July 5th, in Nujel’m on Lake Superior.

If you don’t already have a Lake Superior character, make up a newbie with the same name & look as your BS&R guy. I’m sure someone will buy a dye tub and start helping everyone turn into pupmkins.

Eric the Red said that is we need transportation to the Fest that we can show up in the Britain Artists’ Guild and be Gated by him and his buddies to Nujel’m.

Why go? Several purposes:

Date: July 5th
Time: 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET
Location: Nujel’m (or meet at Britain’s Artists’ Guild for Gate)
Shard: Lake Superior

Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes! Let’s spread the Dance of Joy to Lake Superior! (I was near Minoc a couple of weeks ago and saw someone do my dance. How do I know it was the Dance of Joy? The dancer announced it as such! Makes a guildmaster proud. *snif!*)

P.S., I won’t be able to go. Why? My evil boss makes me work every Sunday. >:[  I still would like whoever can go to try and make it, and bring me some screenshots! Hm, I recall still having an old version of UO Screenshot Utility somewhere in the Links area...

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June 21, 1998

Since When Did the BS&R Become Real People?

Calvin, James Ensor, and Nicodemus trekked on out to PapaMan’s house is real life. This historic meeting of Britannia Search & Rescue Members in real life set a valuable precedent: brownies were served. This meeting is merely the first, as some of the Knights of Ni
will hoof it over to MasterOfPuppets’domicile for a hootnanny.

Clockwise from the top left are: Nicodemus, PapaMan, James Ensor, and Calvin. I have a larger version
that’s about a meg. If you want that version let me know and I’ll e-mail it to
you. (And I hope that none of them mind that I put this here, and I’ll take it out if
anyone has any concerns. :] )

Knights2-400.JPG (85375 bytes)

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June 11, 1998

MessageZone.com changes their Server and Board Names

The new MessageZone.com board URL is this. I updated the Postings page, but if you bookmark that specific board then this is the new URL:

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He walks to the window, stops. Looks outside...

Things have quieted down considerably, Nobody muses. The night out side it still, brightly lit by a full Summer moon. The sounds of the swamp try to comfort him with their low monotonous tones.

He looks down at the messages in his hand, taken from his desk moments before. Black Ops has blossomed, nay, exploded in size, and has gone on to join the Consortium of Justice. With them are the Justice Guard and other guilds with similar interests.

Ultimax had contacted him days before, about trying to protect a new city called Avalon, located far to the North. Calvin joined him, but 'twas carnage. Evil presented itself as Noble, and Allies fought Allies. In the end, no side was victorious, as all sides ended up fighting each other. Ultimax has decided to stay in Avalon, for a time. He writes that the guards of that City of Destiny are not about, and Ultimax is going to take it upon himself to keep the peace. A one-man army corps. Nobody smiles, amused at the BS&R trainer, and silently wishes him well.

Black Widow has been gone for a very long time, and he feels her absence. Nobody continuously questions his emotions, such as his curiously unbreakable friendship with her husband, Mr. Christian. He yearns for her to return; he wishes she would never leave.... Outside, a bird wanders about, alone, lost in the dark.

New laws are about to be handed down from Lord British's Court. There is much trepidation about this new code. Nobody is concerned for the BS&R in particular. Part of the new law states that no one may collect the gear off of the dead. This is meant to dismay looting, but it will make the job of the BS&R more difficult. Ah, well. We will do what we must, he decides.

His mind wanders, to thoughts of the woman who called herself Mrs. Nobody. The guildmaster has heard from PapaMan, guild elder, and that he has seen her. She resides in Occlo, and is ever melancholy, and always seen holding a candle. A candle for him, says PapaMan.

A Wisp travels past the window. So closly and silently that Nobody is startled. He stares after it, the glowing trail as hypnotic as the song-song language of the Wisp. It seems to say something that he can't quite make out. Something...forboding.

Nobody tries to surpress a shiver, but cannot. It is though someone has walked over his grave.

He turns and returns to his work.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

June 7, 1998

Ultimax Defends Avalon

Last night Archangel sent out a call for help. The player city of Avalon was under attack. Here’s the ICQ Message.

I just recieved a distress call from the guildmaster of digital party, he is involved in the avalon project- moments ago, a char named panda stole the keys to all the buildings in avalon. apparently the guild that is responsible is now at avalon looting. DP is hiding inside the avalon town hall right now and asks for help- the looters are blue so vortexing is mandatory. All who wish to help, icq me at once.

Ultimax, currently looking for a higher purpose, rallied to this cry for help. He wasn’t even concerned that the Warlocks are supposed to be helping build Avalon. People were in trouble, dammit, and if Ultimax had to stand side-by-side with the Warlocks to “Assist the Weak” and “Patrol Trouble Areas,” then so be it! He and Calvin Gated to Avalon, and they entered the City of Destiny.

Immediatly Ultimax was attacked. By a Warlock. Calvin verbally defended Ultimax, but unsuccessfully. Ultimax really couldn’t hold it against them—he was, after all, known as an Evil Lord. Ultimax was killed, and Warlocks swarmed on him like flies on a cow pie. Calvin tried to save his stuff but the Warlocks seem to be better looters than Calvin the Loud.

After instant-ressing Ultimax
was allowed to wander into the chaos. All around were Warriors and Mages in Purple, not just Warlocks, but actually a mix of several guilds. This mob, this purple coalition, then broke into an Avalonian Tower and killed the inhabitants. Ultimax tried to ask Calvin if they were here to help defend
the city with the Warlocks or from them, but Calvin was also back from the dead. It seems the purple mob we were here to assist killed Calvin, too, and took all his gear
lightning-quick. He was pretty mad. After some conversing and witnessing other casual deaths from infighting, both Ultimax
and Calvin were accepted into the
purple mob. It seemed that everyone was dead, so the mob began to disburse. But, not before another fight was picked with Ultimax, with several stragglers bombarding him with offense spells until dead.

Ultimax tells me he is going to apply to be a guard in Avalon, because that city needs someone like him to help keep the peace, strike or not. Someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for the innocent, speak his mind, or die for what he believes in. He invites you all to wander into Avalon if you get the chance.

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May 27, 1998

Calvin Get a Well-deserved Commendation

Calvin receives a guild Commendation on 27 May 1998, due to his earnest and welcome assistance in dealing with the threat of war with the Warlocks guild, and his ingenuity in coming up with the Black Ops guild as an option for those who prefer Player versus Player combat.

There are certain people who go above and beyond the call of duty, and Calvin is certainly one of them. The Britannia Search & Rescue is not a strictly structured guild, and, to a certain extent, encourages members to find their own ways in life. Calvin’s way was to support the Britannia Search & Rescue in the middle of our most troubling time. Support, I believe, which was crucial to the survival of the BS&R.

Within the middle of a great deal of controversy, conflicting philosophies, and the threat of guild fragmentation it was Calvin who saved us. I believe this without question, and I wish I could do as much for him as he has done for us. If we ever build a city I will name the first avenue “Calvin’s Way,” and tell all the children of the great man who returned hope and life to us.

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May 26, 1998

The Guildstone Problem, and Some Updates

We recently had a problem with our guildstone. It incorrectly listed Truth as the Guildmaster, and only allowed access of the stone’s Guildmaster functions to him. This was an uncorrectable dilemma, since Truth had quit Ultima Online before this bug popped up. Mr. Christian and I called a GM, and GM
Treefrog eventually showed up. (GM Treefrog was the only GM who ever showed up to fix a stat problem I had. I shall consider him my favorite GM.) His idea to “fix” the bug about Truth having Guildmaster access was to delete the stone and give me a deed for a new one. I accepted this. One problem. It seems that, contrary to what I had read, only 3 initials may be entered for the guild abbreviation. This sucks—four was perfect. The new guildstone abbreviation for the BS&R will be “BSR.”

I put in some small Rules changes, such as some notes on who can be put on the Britannia Search & Rescue Guildstone (Any Member who has been with the BS&R for 1 Month and has remained in good standing, essentially). Click here to read about them.

There is a link to the Black Ops web site both on the Associates page (formerly Allies page), and the Links (Information) page. Click here for the Associates page and here for the Links
pages, respectively.

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May 16, 1998

A Better Message Board?

You guys deserve the best. Quite some time ago I signed up for a Message Board with www.messagezone.com, but haven’t had the chance to explore all it’s options until now. This new board is important because, since we seem to be a wordy bunch, and—thanks to Gor’s observation—it’s getting a little hard to track some of the Messages. And so, a new Message Board.

Access the new board by going to www.messagezone.com and choose the Britannia Search & Rescue Message Board, or go to our Posting page as always.

I’ll leave both boards going, but I presume the Message Zone board will take over pretty quickly.

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Black Ops

Many of you have been keeping up on current events via the Britannia Search & Rescue Message Board, specifically Black Ops. Black Ops is a separate guild started by Calvin, which will basically follow BS&R ethics, but allow for Player versus Player (PvP) combat (specifically Guild Wars). Rather than go over the series of events and discussions that have led to some Guildmembers enjoying co-membership in the BS&R and Black Ops let me sum up some how the BS&R might interact through our association by “reposting” a message of mine.

FACT: I like Calvin’s idea. A very ingenious method of helping the BS&R stay true to the basic concept without chopping off half the active membership. FACT: You CAN be in BOTH BS&R and Black Ops. Sure, you can only have one guild title. I appreciate that no one wants to not have the BS&R title above their heads, but it’s OKAY to be in both guilds. There’s no need for such concern. LOOK AT IT THIS WAY: A BS&R Member has the Black Ops title over his head. He has spent the last few hours adventuring with other people who only belong to the BS&R (not also Black Ops or any other guild). He proudly wears the BS&R uniform. He and the BS&R group return from a hunt for a Feast. He continues to wear the BS&R uniform during this Feast. While in the middle of a Conga Line he gets “the call” from another Black Ops member. Quickly he switches to the Black Ops uniform, perhaps a combination of the BS&R uniform and something entirely different (Orange cape and True Black Cloak? I don't know if it’s been discussed yet). He bids goodbye to his BS&R brethren as they prepare to go to the Orc Valley on a “hunt.” He recalls to his Black Ops comrades to rejoin them in an ongoing war.

Anyone wishing to explore PvP combat with Black Ops may contact Calvin via ICQ (UIN 7472484) or check with Nobody (nobody@hurm.com) and I’ll have Calvin contact you.

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May 2, 1998

Some General Updating

I put in a new snapshot given to me a while ago by Black Widow (sorry for taking so long to post it). Visit that page by clicking here or via the bottom of the Events page. When you go to the Events page you’ll see that I started setting up the separate Snapshots pages in reverse chronological order.

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Lord Conrad

I set up a page detailing the events leading up to our encounters with Lord Conrad and his Justice Guards. This page includes some of the Britannia Search & Rescue Message Board observations, the Town Cryer news reports on the battle, and our observations after the caravan attack. Click here or see the entry on the bottom of the Events page.

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April 13, 1998

The Black Widow & Mr. Christian Wedding Pages Updated

The wedding page has been updated with plenty of screenshots. So many so that I broke the wedding page into 4 wedding pages. The wedding pages can be found here, or via the Events subsection.

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April 10, 1998

The Black Widow & Mr. Christian Wedding is a Success!

The wedding for Black Widow and Mr. Christian, both of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild, took place April 9th. Scheduling confusion delayed the ceremony until around 11:30 pm Eastern Time/8:30 pm Pacific Time. Two Counselors, Counselor Glamdring and Counselor Creo, stopped by the BS&R Operations Center-Trinsic to pay their respects prior to the ceremony. Counselor Creo was able to attend the wedding, as was the notable Lord Conrad.

Although many were instrumental to the success of the wedding I would like to give special thanks to Bremen, who gave important last minute assistance.

More on the wedding can be found here, or via the Events subsection.

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April 8, 1998

The Black Widow & Mr. Christian Wedding is On!

The Britannia Search & Rescue Guild is pleased to announce the wedding of two of its most valued members: Black Widow and Mr. Christian. The date, time and place are now verified. April 9th , 10pm EST/7pm PST,on the Baja Shard’s BS&R Operations Center (North of Trinsic there is a swamp. On the swamp’s East edge there is a Cemetery. The BS&R OC is on the North side of the Cemetery). The ceremony will be delivered by Nobody, guildmaster of the BS&R. Last minute information will be found at www.hurm.com/guild.htm.

In a nutshell, I imagine it like this: at 10pm, all members and
onlookers will be sitting down or standing behind the designated candle “barrier.” The barrier stretches east-west, starting at the entrance of the Tent in front of the Smithy. I will be at the far end of the barrier, away from the Tent, perhaps behind a pulpit, in front of two empty thrones. Mr. Christian will be to one side of the thrones. I will ask everyone to calm down, the musician will begin playing, and Black Widow will emerge from the Tent with PapaMan, her father. They will walk down the aisle toward Mr. Christian and myself, stopping at the end as PapaMan steps to one side and the bride and groom sit in the two thrones. I will then begin the dialogue shared between Black Widow, Mr. Christian, and myself (SET THOSE
MACROS YOU TWO :] ). At the end there will be an exchange of rings, and then congratulations may be hoisted upon the newlyweds and the reception will begin.

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Calvin and Fiatofa Get Bio-pages

Calvin and Fiatofa join the ranks of those with their own own personal Bio-pages. Visit either clicking on their respective names on the Members’ Page, or just by clicking here for Calvin or here for Fiatofa.

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April 5, 1998

Ben Gets a Bio-page

Ben has wisely jumped onto that most coveted of Britannia Search & Rescue Guild bandwagons: he has given me the information I need to create his own personal Bio-page. Visit it by either clicking on his name on the Members’ Page, or just by clicking here.

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April 1, 1998

Knights of Ni Chapter Get Their Own Page

The Knights of Ni Chapter of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild get their own page in the BS&R website. Access it via the “Ranking Officers” subsection of the People section, or click here, to see it. This special page, like the Members’ bio-pages, are an option available to all officially recognized BS&R Chapters.

Stay tuned on news about their own website, created by the Knights themselves, dedicated to the exploits of the Members of the Knights of Ni.

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March 31, 1998

Black Widow and Mr. Christian to Wed

Black Widow and Mr. Christian began making plans to wed some time ago, and those plans will come to fruition soon. Nobody, humble guildmaster of the BS&R, will deliver the ceremony. The ceremony will possible take place on April 1st, 1998. Stay tuned for more information.

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Expedition from Early March

In the spirit of catching up I have made a page dedicated to the hunt to Hythloth from early March. You can get to it via the Events Page, or just click here. MasterOfPuppets did a great job as our intrepid reporter, even including some screenshots. Thanks MoP!

Posted by Keith at 12:02 PM

BS&R OC-Yew is No More

The BS&R OC-Yew (Baja) has degraded from lack of use. The Smithy fell into disuse after a break-in alerted members to potential hazards. The information here, on the Operations Centers page, has been left out of nostalgia more than practicality.

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

MasterOfPuppets Bio-page

MasterOfPuppets gave me what I needed to set up his personal bio-page. You can click on his name on the Member Page to see it, or just click here.

Don’t let MoP show you up! Send me the info and a screenshot (or two) for your own bio-page. Send your stuff to Nobody at nobody@hurm.com.

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March 24, 1998

My Plan to Catch-up

There have been many things as of late that have kept me from performing some of my Guildmaster duties in a timely manner. In the near future I will be tending more toward administrative duties rather than the more directly member interactive duties. Some examples of what’s on my Britannia Search & Rescue Guild agenda (sort of in order of highest to lowest priority):

Mr. Christian, as Shard Leader of Baja, is authorized to assist me in swearing in new members, and will begin doing so shortly. This will help free me up to do some of the things listed on my agenda. Anyone else who can assist, please drop me a note. I’m sure most of you have or can get dozens of kilts, sashes, and capes. If you have a key to the BS&R OC-Trinsic on Baja you can leave items in the crate on the table in my office (the third room, walk through the patio into the third room/office).

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

Train with Ultimax

I, Nobody, have created a character called Ultimax. He is a tool for the members of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild, to be primarily used for advancing in skills that won’t go any higher without Player versus Player conflict (combat, picking pockets, attacking with spells, etc.). If I am online, especially if you know I am not playing Ultima Online, let me know. I’ll log in as Ultimax and you can force him to auto-defend himself and you can increase your skill without feeling threatened. Read more about him on his bio-page here.

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March 20, 1998

A Little Advertising Never Hurt...

I have added the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild to the Ultima Online Guild Webring, accessible from the public BS&R entry page, www.hurm.com/guild.htm.

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

Events Calendar Now Available

I have been inspired once again, this time by our own Mr. Christian. He is one of the many members who likes to organize guild Events, and so I would like to make his work easier. On the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild Events page I am now including a Calendar of Events. Take a look when you get the chance and tell me what you think. There are 3 Events listed so far, each sponsored by Mr. Christian.

Just one of the many things from your humble guildmaster :] to help a growing guild stay close and organized.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

March 18, 1998

Message Board Up!

I am starting to slowly catch up with things. One new change to the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild website is our message board, which can be found here, or by the link on the top of the BS&R News Area. BS&R members may begin posting right away.

I have found a way around my limited understanding of HTML, thanks to the Sword of Tao website (at http://www.anet-dfw.com/~kurtz/tao/). Through them I have found a free message posting service, at www.yourbbs.com. Their Rules of Conduct for Posting can be found here, at http://www.yourbbs.com/policy.html. Please read the Rules of Conduct before posting any messages.

To go to the Official Message Board of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild, please click here. Members should feel free to post about almost anything, both BS&R related or otherwise, but please do not post any Ultima Online bug or exploit information, as this will jeopardize my membership.

I will eventually have to decide how long these messages last, but for now they will be on the board “indefinitely.”

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March 11, 1998

BS&R Web Site Moved

Now that the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild web site has moved to it’s new host I will be catching up on things. Some changes and new things to look for are as follows:

  1. I am proud to announce Mr. Christian as the new Shard Leader of Baja. (For more information on what a Shard Leader is, see the newly updated Ranks page.)
  2. I am further proud to announce Black Widow as the new Deputy Shard Leader of Baja. (For more information on what a Shard Leader is, see the newly updated Ranks page.)
  3. There have been some news events that have occurred that I have not yet posted, but will, including the related Snapshots.
  4. I will be sending out e-mails awarding Commendations to those who you who have been with the BS&R for longer than 3 months.
  5. The Ranks have changed, as I have been saying they will (just look at items 2 and 3!).
  6. The web site layout has changed slightly, as you have probably already noticed.
  7. I will be updated the Public Area of the BS&R site as well, including some slight changes to the Enlistment Form.

Some people have been trying to volunteer using the Enlistment form but it hasn’t worked, so I’ll to keep a special eye on that. These people have sent standard e-mail messages instead, which is just as good for me.

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February 20, 1998

BS&R to Move Soon

I soon will be switching the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild web-hosting server. Until this change occurs, updates to these pages may be sporadic. After the change-over I will put in the new Rank information, plus adjust the navigation layout slightly. Thanks for your patience.


Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

We Have Bought a Guildstone

Black Widow has donated a Guildstone to the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild. Our Guildstone is located in the BS&R OC-Trinsic, within the area protected by the counter.

The Guildstone allows for, among other things, the guild to be officially recognized (whatever that means), guildmembers get put in a roster, an abbreviation may be added to members names, members may sponsor candidates (subject to guildmaster approval). Guildmasters set the name, a brief charter text blurb, declare war (Notoriety free, providing the opposing guild accepts the declaration of war), dismiss members, Grant Title to member, and more.

Guildstones are now available from Provisioners in Ultima Online. The Guildstone costs 15,000 gold. It comes as a deed, and double clicking the deed in your pack immediately plants the Guildstone right where you stand.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

February 14, 1998

New Ranks and Other Updates Coming Soon

In a few days I will be doing some updates to the basic structure of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild, starting with adding a couple of Ranks and adjusting the remaining Ranks. These adjustments will include a brief list of some of the responsibilities assigned to each Rank. Nothing too complicated or unrelated—for instance, I will be asking Chapter Leaders to be prepared to take screenshots at any BS&R Event or Expedition. In this way Ranks are not arbitrarily awarded; all Ranks will come with appropriate guild management responsibilities. Here’s a quick peek at the new list of BS&R Ranks (still, however, subject to change before the official posting):

  1. Guildmaster
  2. Deputy Guildmaster
  3. Shard Leader
  4. Deputy Shard Leader
  5. Chapter Leader
  6. Member
  7. Probationary Member
  8. Volunteer

Later on, I will be tweaking the layout of the BS&R web pages and probably adding a few pages as well, such as the “Tips, Tricks, & Tactics” page. Let me know what you think via nobody@hurm.com both before and after these changes. I am making these updates due to a massive amount of input from guildmembers as of late—and, by the way, thanks to all of you for helping me get this guild to grow..

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

February 7, 1998

3 Subjects

3 Subjects: 1st is a Commendation for Mr. Christian, 2nd is Master of Puppets’ Expedition, 3rd is Mr. C.’s suggestions on group tactics.

Last night I had a major log-in problem. I was entering the second level of Deceit with Bremen, a guildbrother of a new Ally, Calvin. My client crashed and and I couldn’t log on past the “Welcome to Ultima Online” black screen. I tried again hours later, but to no avail. (I could log in, however, with ANY other character on any Shard.) Mr. C. agreed to jump over to Deceit to let me know what was happening to me “in the world” and he confirmed that I came in as a ghost. He stuck by my constantly-losing-connection ghost with PKs passing him frequently. He receives a Commendation for his assistance and suggestions in this superglitch investigation, at considerable threat to himself and no reward other than peace of mind for me.

Master of Puppets sent me this over ICQ: “Hail BS&R and friends. Yet another mail on the hunt. We’ve decided on Sunday at 3:30 PM Pacific time (6:30 est) for our group hunt. Today’s hunt (Wednesday) was a great success. We took on elementals of all kinds and even made a few new friends. Anyone who is interested in the hunt either ICQ me [5764673] or meet us at the First Bank of Britain on Sunday. Hope to see you all there.”

Master of Puppets Expedition
Date: February 8th
Time: 3:30 PST / 6:30 EST.
Location: The First Bank of Britain
Shard: Baja

Mr. Christian sent me these tips over ICQ: “I take full blame for the deaths of our members at the hands of a poison elemental , since I took on the position of healer, but I believe we could have completely survived that incident if we had been in a formation with standardized procedures and words (commands). I believe we also need retreat plans and recall plans .Also a plan to divide up (divvy) magic items and collection pattern, and a dress code.”

Mr. C. added this in a later ICQ message: “I have an item collection pattern based on the rotating division we discussed earlier it would consist of 1 collecting item of a certain type and lining then in a bag in the order found I am sure we could make it easier based on you idea.”

Position 1: Warrior/Mage as point man,
Position 2: Warrior /Mage as side kick,
Position 3: Archer/Mage as Archer,
Position 4: Healer/Mage as healer.

“To me this is the optimum pattern as far as the healer is concerned, that is why I have been sitting back and healing to see how hard it is to heal a group, I do not claim to be good just concerned with the health of my squad. This pattern can be extend to 7 members but I don’t recommend it [For larger squads use the] following patterns.

“Of course every multiple of 4 just adds a new squad. 1st squad name: Bravo. 2nd squad name: Sierra. 3rd squad Romeo.”

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

February 4, 1998


Tonight we had a big “guild hunt.” There was Big Bub, Chaft, Master of Puppets, Milton, Mr. Christian, and me (Nobody). We Recalled to Shame, making quite a showing in an impressive sea of orange. We were later joined by some others who are not Britannia Search & Rescue guildmembers, including Kodiak and one grey-cloaked gentleman in-particular (I’ll get back to him in a moment). The night went successfully—until 3 of our members fell against a Poison Elemental. We recovered enormously well, and were successfully assisted at this point by that same grey-cloaked gentleman. After Recalling to the Trinsic Bank, new member Chaft was sworn-in inside a nearby mansion, and the group split up for the night.

The reason I make special note of the grey-cloaked gentleman is not because of who he is, but because of who he was. He has been known to the (virtual) world-at-large as Raistlin, one of the most notorious PKs on Baja. In fact, he’s taken me out twice. But, contrary to what you might expect, we did not fight. There was no malice. We just hung out. He spoke of quitting the game soon, seemingly as weary as I. He was looking for a group a little more honest and good to be with. We both spoke of how long we had been playing: he since Atlantic went up, and myself since the end of the Beta. After our guildmembers recovered their stuff and Chaft was sworn-in, the group broke up for the night. I took “Raistlin” up on his invitation to see his Keep. We recalled to the Arctic Isle and took a quick tour of his home. It was big and mostly empty, admittedly too much for one person. We sat on the battlement facing the shore and chatted for awhile. To stretch a point, we shared something like one of those moments in literature where two arch-enemies, grown world-weary and questioning their existence, meet at the end of a long series of stories. He soon excused himself, citing how the emptiness of the castle was depressing, and took his leave. I left soon after.

I’m happy with the members of the BS&R, and the BS&R certainly is successful. But there’s a feeling I can’t describe when your enemy talks to you about being unsatisfied with his (virtual) life, when he talks about giving up his old ways and joining you before he exists no more. Something like...all the loose ends of the plot are being wrapped up before the story comes to an end. A sense of impending closure.

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

Trinsic Smithy in Rough Situation

Someone put a Tower in front of the doorway of our Trinsic Smithy. Although it is difficult to enter and exit, it is still possible to do so. Entering the Smithy, especially unlocking the door, requires that the “Transparency” feature be turned on. Master of Puppets was the first to find out about this dilemma and contacted me immediately. I have since investigated and called a GM. The GM responded very quickly. I suggested the possibility of moving our Smithy “back a block or two,” and, after reviewing the situation, told me that he would report the situation to the “housing authority.” That was on the 29th of January, and I have not seen and resolution thus far.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

January 31, 1998

O’lorae Quits Ultima Online

O’lorae has followed Rawfish and Severian and quit Ultima Online. He had grown very bored with Ultima Online and other activities have come into his life to occupy his time.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

January 22, 1998

Rawfish and Severian Quit Ultima Online

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

January 14, 1998

Another BS&R Operations Center

The BS&R has a second Operations Center on Baja. This Large Smithy is located to the west of the swamps north of Trinsic, just north of the cemetery. Construction of the new Smithy was handled by Milton, O’lorae, and Nobody. Milton, especially, contributed expertly toward the choice of location. This new Smithy will be referred to as the BS&R OC-Trinsic, and the original, one-room, Smithy shall be referred to as the BS&R OC-Yew. A Vendor is soon to be placed in the front room of this 3-room/1-patio smithy.

Keys and Marked Runestones will be forthcoming to all House Fund donators. Donators thus far to the House Fund are: Black Widow, Blitz, Big Bub, Master of Puppets, Milton, Mr. Christian, Nobody, O’lorae, and PapaMan. As always, donations continue to be accepted, as will suggestions for the location of the next Operations Center. (Perhaps on the island of Ocllo, in town near the Mage Shop?)

A description of and directions to this new Smithy can be found by clicking here. A special moment is also shared on the snapshots page.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

January 5, 1998

BS&R Event Starting the New Year Off Right

The swearing-in ceremony for Mr. Christian will begin a new Britannia Search & Rescue Event. Other new Volunteers may also be sworn-in. The specifics are listed below.

Date: January 8th
Time: It will begin on or about 10:30 EST / 7:30 PST.
Location: The “Virtue Church” in the eastern section of Britain (across the eastern bridges)
Shard: Baja

BS&R Members are invited to bring
guests. It is also the intention that, after the ceremony, participants and witnesses will
move on to Despise in order to seek adventure and keep Britannia safe from Evil.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

December 21, 1997

Mojo is Dead

Many of you are familiar with Mojo, the spirited horse of Nobody. He yearned to run free. He bore Xavian on his back even before Xavian was a guild member. He never left my corpse unattended.

Mojo was murdered early this morning. I (Nobody) was talking with Black Widow at an inn in Buccaneer’s Den on Baja for several minutes. Two PKers appeared fractions of a second after she logged out and immediately began to fight me. One was armed with a sword and the other with fireballs—both were armed with childish jibes. I succumbed quickly to their attacks, but, not having replaced all my gear after another recent PK attack, I was not dramatically upset. I died and passed into that state of existence wherein one may seek out a healer for resurrection and began to leave the scene. I glanced back and was horrified. Mojo was screaming as he reared up and defended himself. They slaughtered him, and I can only believe this was so I would have nothing upon returning. Mojo went down fighting defending the only three items I was able to recover. The only items that he felt meant anything to me: my sash, kilt, and cape. The symbols of the BS&R.

I shall be mourning my loss of Mojo privately, but appreciate your prayers for him. I was alone once, and I am alone again. I will not be replacing him with another horse, for how can you replace such a loyal friend? Mojo gave his only life in the true spirit of the BS&R, defending my corpse and my gear, and I shall never forget him for that.

Mojo guard. Mojo good. Mojo release.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

December 18, 1997

Contact Methods

UIN for ICQ: During the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild Holiday Feast several of the members brought up that they would like to have their UIN number for ICQ listed in our guild pages. Any member who would like their UIN (Universal Internet Number) listed on the (currently non-protected) guild members page, contact Nobody at nobody@hurm.com. For those of you who are developing their personal members page, the UIN will also be listed there.

E-mail Address: Any member who would like their e-mail address listed on the (currently non-protected) guild members page, contact Nobody at nobody@hurm.com. For those of you who are developing their personal members page, the e-mail address will also be listed there.

Posted by Keith at 12:02 PM

Invitation from Tanis

Tanis has invited us to a feast being held by his guild. Tanis is the Quartermaster of the Dungeon Masters Guard (DMG), a division of the New Outriders (NOR). Their feast will be at 9:00pm EST Friday night on Ocllo (I assume on the Baja Shard). In Tanis’s own words:

“Seasons Greetings to all. I’d like to officially invite all my friends to a party at Balf’s house on Friday night at 9:00pm EST. I’m inviting everyone I know including the BS&R guild to join me to celebrate the season. Should be lots of fun and a chance for everyone to get to meet new friends. This message brought to you by the good folks at Balf’s Pet shop where our motto is “I never met a bear I couldn’t tame.” RSVP please to me. :)

“Let me know when you arrive or if you need directions or help getting here. I and many of my friends have boats. I could meet you at the docks in Magincia...”

Posted by Keith at 12:01 PM

Holiday Feast a Success

The Britannia Search & Rescue Guild Holiday Feast was held at its Operations Center (Baja Shard) on December 14th, 1997. The members who participated were, in no particular order, Big Bub, Blitz, PapaMan, Black Widow, Milton, Master of Puppets, O’lorae, and Nobody. Tanis, a representative from an allied guild, also joined our festivities. Tanis is the Quartermaster of the Dungeon Masters Guard (DMG), a division of the New Outriders (NOR), attended as a preliminary event to forming an anti-PK alliance with the BS&R. Passer-by Mr. Christian was so embraced by the BS&R family that most everyone cried out to have him sworn-in right away.

Read all about the Feast, and see the screenshots, here.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

December 8, 1997

Holiday Feast

All BS&R members are invited to a special holiday feast in our new Britannia Search & Rescue Operations Center. Food and beverages will be served, and a special guest is expected. Come celebrate with the BS&R!

The feast will be on December 14th on the Baja Shard.

Festivities will begin on or about 10:30 EST. Members are invited with guest. In fact, the more the merrier.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

December 6, 1997

BS&R Operations Center

Construction of the Britannia Search & Rescue Operations Center has begun. The initial building, a small smith shop, has been placed in the center of the open field south of Yew, west of the Eastern Mountain Range, North of the Orc Fort. Donations are still being accepted, as another, larger, building is under consideration. And, I'll say it again, any member who donates gets a key and a runestone Marked with a nearby location.

I would like to thank Black Widow, PapaMan, Master of Puppets, and Big Bub for their donations. I would also like to dedicate the construction of this first building of the BS&R OC to Black Widow, for her donations (the highest thus far), her setting up the runestones (that we can Recall to the BS&R OC), and her recent support of the BS&R in general.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

November 30, 1997

Members Update

Woops. I’ve accidentally been leaving out 2 Volunteers off of our member list. In addition to adding M.O.P. and Xavian to the ranks where they belong, Milton joins us to become our 15th member.

How about once we get to 25 members, we have an in-game party? We’ll have it in our new Operations Complex, which many of you are very interested in and have volunteered quite a bit of money toward its construction. I’m thinking of a house warming by next weekend? (I’m leaning toward the 2-building concept, somewhere within either the protected areas of Yew or Trinsic.)

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

November 27, 1997

We’re Thinking of Buying a House

The BS&R needs a Britannia Search & Rescue Operations Center. To this end, research is being done as to what sort of building, or buildings (a BS&R Operations Complex), will be required, and where it should be placed. While all members are requested to donate toward the building(s), this gold is not required. All donating members, however, will get a copy of the key (just please don’t die near the Operations Center :}). We might want to set up an expedition much like Tempest Avenger’s, but wherein all proceeds go toward the purchase of the house.

Which building(s)
I’ve done some research, especially via Gram’s better Homes and Castles, and have come up with the following starter concepts: there’s a really nice Large Blacksmith Shop (one level, with a counter separating the shop, and a patio with a forge) for around 45 – 55,000 gold. This price can’t be confirmed, because the building is pretty rare, but it’s still got a place on my wish list. A Two-story House would run about the same. Alternately, and more practically, we should purchase two shops to start: a Smith Shop (11,138 gold) and a Training Hut (11,138 gold).

Where to locate it
This may be harder to decide. Most of the BS&R members play on the Baja Shard, so I plan on putting it on Baja. Much of the BS&R activities begin and end in Trinsic, but not exclusively so; Yew also plays an important part in our adventures. And yet, with marked ruins and the Recall spell, we could just about place it anywhere. I’d like it to be located in a publicly accessible location, yet far enough from Killers to feel safe meeting there. (Perhaps the only true objection I would have is placing it in Britain, where I suffer the worst lag.)

What to do with it
I’d like to have a holiday feast, actually. If no one has any objections, we could schedule the feast for December 14th (conveniently in the middle of December, before the real world holidays begin). I have other ideas, but I’d like some input from the rest of the BS&R.

Contact Nobody at nobody@hurm.com for any ideas or input about our plans for a house.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

Additions and Changes

I’ve done a lot of little changes, starting with the colors used in the BS&R web site. There’s a bunch of new snapshots, so go there to see Tempest Avenger and Big Bub being sworn in, and check out Xaverian Farthorn before signing up with us. I’ve also put up a screenshot of my horse, Mojo, on my personal bio-page. Which reminds me to remind you, all members can now send me a one or two paragraph history of their characters and I’ll make a special page for them. O’lorae’spersonal bio-page is currently in the works, including his new Commendation.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

November 26, 1997

Tempest Avenger forming an Expedition

Tempest Avenger, Chapter Leader of Vesper on the Atlantic shard, is forming an expedition on the Baja shard. The where and when is not yet decided, but any and all interested parties should contact Nobody at nobody@hurm.com for more information.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

November 25, 1997

Members Pages Now Available

All BS&R members are now invited to create a small bio of their characters, to be placed on a page dedicated to that member. Formerly only available to Founders, I’ve decided to give all members a page where a list of accomplishments may be listed. As an example, see Nobody’s page. Submit your information to Nobody at nobody@hurm.com.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

November 15, 1997

New Britannia Search & Rescue Logo

The BS&R now has a logo. You can see it by clicking here.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

November 12, 1997

Guild Meeting Cancelled

The guild meeting, originally scheduled to be held in Trinsic on Baja October 15th, at 10:30pm Eastern Time, has been cancelled. Our four new volunteers who wish to pledge their services to the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild should contact Nobody at nobody@hurm.com in order to schedule an alternate (private) session.

Guild Meeting October 15th at 10:30pm Eastern Time

Four new volunteers wish to pledge their services to the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild. An Indoctrination meeting will be held in Trinsic on Baja October 15th, at 10:30pm Eastern Time. All petitioning members and current guild members are requested (but not required) to attend. Please contact Nobody at nobody@hurm.com if you have a schedule conflict.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

November 10, 1997


The five  Founders of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild will have pages dedicated to each of them. On these pages you will be able to learn their histories, read their Commendations and achievements as related to the BS&R, and e-mail them (if e-mail address has been supplied). The Founders of the BS&R are: Nobody, O’lorae, Severian, Rawfish, and Blitz.

If this aspect of the BS&R web site goes well, the concept may be expended to include other members, such as Chapter Leaders.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

November 4, 1997

Severian Receives a Commendation

In recognition of his superior recruitment skills and related ideas, and his zeal in promoting the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild to all who pass by, the BS&R is proud to award Severian with a well-earned Commendation.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

November 1, 1997

The GODS are now the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild

We’ve changed our name to the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild, or BS&R. The colors have changed (see the vote required on that page), and a logo is needed. A new charter and rules system has been developed in keeping with our streamlined philosopy: It reflects, basically, our desire to watch over the weak and virtuous, and lend a hand whenever possible. A new, simpler, ranking system is also being applied.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

August 24, 1997

First Commendation goes to O’lorae

The GODS have been blessed. Nobody the Eternal has bestowed the first Commendation of the GODS unto O’lorae the Hero, now to be addressed as O’lorae the Prophet. O’lorae the Prophet has received this great honor due to his being not only the spark, but the primary influence in the naming of the GODS. This update has occurred on August 24, 1997.

We congratulate O’lorae the Prophet on his ingenuity, and for being crucial in helping us take one of our first steps toward success.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

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