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February 23, 2002

Felucca Treasure Dig

Corp Por!Meeting in secret chambers earlier last week, Jaedra the Dean of Archaelogy for THB studied the ancient Avalon treasure maps and made notes as to the final approaches planned for Thursday the 21st of February.

Twelve hunters (Wint, Lord Rover, Kara Muro, Willard III, Elladan, Taylor, Gord, Orla, Xana, Hazard, and Diltard) came together at Jaedra's call at 8pm PDT and headed out to various jungle environs on the facet of Felucca, following the path that she had mapped out earlier.

The 'Level 5' maps turned out to be quite the challenge, providing the group with many deaths (some multiple) as well as a multiude of riches. Battling their way through demons, elder gazers, lich lords, and blood/posion elementals, the crew managed to take back
quite the haul to the coffers back home in Avalon.

Rumor has it that twice as many treasure maps are still on hand for the mirror facet of Trammel. A date has not yet been set for excavation as the maps are still under study.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 12:00 PM

February 6, 2002

Banners Hoisted

Recently several banners have been hoisted in Avalon at the Bank of Avalon, the Ministry of Defense, the Ocean View Observatory, and the Avalon Public Library. These join those already in place at the Avalon Rune Library and the Avalon Town Hall. Special thanks to Shard, Jixxa, and Turmoil for making these new town markers possible.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 12:00 PM

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