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September 14, 2001

Player Owned Barkeeps

From Latest Updates:

Players will now be able to purchase and own a barkeep, that can be placed in the player's house. A new item called "a barkeep contract" can be purchased from either a new barkeep "shopkeeper" (which can be found in non-player character taverns) or an innkeeper (which can be found in NPC inns).

The "prime" owner of a house (but not a co-owner), who is in his or her house, will be able to double-click a barkeep contract so as to place a barkeep. The house must be "public" in order to place a barkeep.
The barkeeps will serve as a method for players to support and announce their own events and quests. The barkeeps will have the following properties:
  • Saying "news" to a barkeep will give a scenario hint, just like a town crier.
  • The "tip rumor" will be optional and customizeable by the player owner. Amounts of gold under 50 gold will cause the Barkeep to speak this rumor. Amounts over 50 gold will be returned.
  • In addition to the one tip rumor, players can put 3 "oracle style" rumors with keywords on the Barkeep. (oracle style rumors are spoken once certain keywords are said by the player. The rumor and linking keyword are added to the Barkeep by the player owner).
  • There will be no limitations on what style of housing the Barkeeps can be placed within (provided that the house is set to be "public" and not "private").
  • Barkeeps will be customizeable like a player vendor, with clothing/dress options.
  • The Barkeep owner can make the Barkeep male or female.
  • The Barkeep owner can choose another title for the Barkeep other than "Barkeep", from a list of between 30-50 different job titles.
  • Up to two Barkeeps will be allowed per home.
Barkeeps will be in the various taverns throughout the cities, to support the scenarios as well, with the scenario rumors. However, players will not be able to add rumors to these barkeeps.

The titles for the "Bartender" can be chosen from the following list:
  • alchemist
  • animal tamer
  • apothecary
  • artist
  • baker
  • barkeep
  • beggar
  • blacksmith
  • bounty hunter
  • brigand
  • butler
  • carpenter
  • chef
  • commander
  • curator
  • drunkard
  • farmer
  • fisherman
  • gambler
  • gypsy
  • herald
  • herbalist
  • hermit
  • innkeeper
  • jailor
  • jester
  • librarian
  • mage
  • mercenary
  • merchant
  • messenger
  • miner
  • monk
  • noble
  • paladin
  • peasant
  • pirate
  • prisoner
  • prophet
  • ranger
  • sage
  • sailor
  • scholar
  • scribe
  • sentry
  • servant
  • shepherd
  • soothsayer
  • stoic
  • storyteller
  • tailor
  • thief
  • tinker
  • town crier
  • treasure hunter
  • waiter
  • warrior
  • watchman
  • No Title

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at September 14, 2001 7:26 PM

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