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September 30, 2001

Grand Opening Festival for The City of Shadowfell (Trammel)


A grand festival will be held on October 7th, at 1 PM PST to celebrate the founding of Shadowfell, City of legends and nightmares. We invite you to join us for a day of revelry. For directions to Shadowfell visit HERE

Dark Soul Competition - The most evil folk in the land will gather and be judged on the basis of their appearance, speech, and ability to answer questions. The winner shall be dubbed The Darkest Soul of Baja and recieve a 100,000 gold piece check! The competition will be judged by celebrity guests from a prominent role playing guild on Atlantic.

The Grand Tourney - Members of -S- and the Shadow Imperium Elite will vie for the title of Champion of Shadowfell in a single elimination duels . Festival goers can bet on who they think the winner will be. 50,000 gold piece prize to the champion.

Summoner of the Abyss - The mage who can summon the most deamons in fifteen minutes will win the title Summoner of the Abyss and a 50,000 gold piece check.

Dire Duels - A dozen dire wolves will duel to the death - Festival goers will bet on the winner. 10,000 bonus to the gambler who selects the winning wolf.

Baja's Best Assasin - The assasin who can poison the most blades fastest wins a 50,000 gold piece check

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at September 30, 2001 8:04 PM

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