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September 7, 2001

Avalon Commissary Caretaker Donates Ships to the FCB

Last night, Ultimax, longtime citizen of the City of Avalon and caretaker to its commissary, generously donated two ships to the Fisherman’s Council of Baja. The boats will be used in both facets as part of the new ferryboat program FCB has enacted as part of a public service for those in need of temporary ship use. Ultimax had the following to say about the vessels:

"Alluvem're crusted with frikkin' barnacles, an' the scuppers're clogged. All they needs is a good frikkin' heave down an' maybe a few patches. *grumble* The Papua ship got bilged onner anchor. Other'n that, it'll be ready for the sweet trade."

Donated on behalf of the City of Avalon and Avalon Naval Operations (ANO), the extra ships will be put into use in the following locales this weekend, per “Max’s” suggestion:



Posted by Thellaren at September 7, 2001 2:15 AM

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