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September 30, 2001

Grand Opening Festival for The City of Shadowfell (Trammel)


A grand festival will be held on October 7th, at 1 PM PST to celebrate the founding of Shadowfell, City of legends and nightmares. We invite you to join us for a day of revelry. For directions to Shadowfell visit HERE

Dark Soul Competition - The most evil folk in the land will gather and be judged on the basis of their appearance, speech, and ability to answer questions. The winner shall be dubbed The Darkest Soul of Baja and recieve a 100,000 gold piece check! The competition will be judged by celebrity guests from a prominent role playing guild on Atlantic.

The Grand Tourney - Members of -S- and the Shadow Imperium Elite will vie for the title of Champion of Shadowfell in a single elimination duels . Festival goers can bet on who they think the winner will be. 50,000 gold piece prize to the champion.

Summoner of the Abyss - The mage who can summon the most deamons in fifteen minutes will win the title Summoner of the Abyss and a 50,000 gold piece check.

Dire Duels - A dozen dire wolves will duel to the death - Festival goers will bet on the winner. 10,000 bonus to the gambler who selects the winning wolf.

Baja's Best Assasin - The assasin who can poison the most blades fastest wins a 50,000 gold piece check

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 8:04 PM

September 28, 2001

Mystic Mead Re-Opens! (Trammel)

Posted today to the UO Stratics Baja Forum:

Hear Ye Hear Ye! The Mystic Mead's Grand Re-Opening is tonight! We are under new management and the fair folk of TCF are looking for you to join us in celebration! We will have free ale for all, as well as the Dart Turny that everyone loved so much that runs through the weekend! Remember it's winner takes all! No profit for the guild!

This will be an on-going event as it used to be, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 6:00 pm PST till close each night!

We are located S of Trinsic at: 132�16's 51�19'E - Trammel Or check the Stratics Baja page for more!

- Falgon

Posted by Thellaren at 3:47 PM

September 27, 2001

The Reward (Global)

Recently posted to BNN (World News):

Exhausted, Guilhem tossed down his spear and sat heavily on a stone in the swamp. The small party of surviving savages took notice of his mood and warily drifted away from their aggravated leader. Weeks ago the Master had ordered him to increase the tribe�s attacks into the human cities, but now they had been forced to settle here, defeated. He had known going into the fight that the odds of holding even one of the cities were slim, and he had tried to express that to the Master. But once an order was given, it was expected to be followed to the letter. Guilhem had seen the penalty for disobedience and had no desire to again, especially from the victim�s point of view. He wondered again what the penalty for failure would be and shuddered.

When the Master had first given him this assignment he had almost been insulted, although he had dared not show it at the time. Lead an unimportant tribe of primitives into the orc lands and drive them away. Live as one of them, gain their trust. To his surprise, after his time with the tribe, he�d become comfortable. He had learned their customs and traditions, even made friends. Never before in his life had he felt guilt, but now it consumed him. Guilt for being the instrument that led the savages away from their home and into the slaughter.

Absentmindedly he rubbed a few flakes of his kin paint off of his itching chin. He would soon need to reapply his tribal markings. The itch manifested itself on his arms and then spread down to his legs and soon encompassed his whole body. Within seconds his skin was numb and he could not move or speak. Light faded from his eyes and his mind went blank as the sensation of movement filled him. Reality blurred and he lost all concept of time. Then slowly, he could feel his thoughts return and feeling prickled itself back into his flesh. He was no longer in the swamps. He lay on cold stone. Around him he could hear a slight clicking sound and lights danced on the other side of his closed eyelids.

�Guilhem, I trust I did not interrupt anything vital?� said the Master.

�You were to report in weeks ago! Explain yourself!� barked the Master�s lackey.

Fighting the initial shock of his journey, Guilhem pulled himself upright and into a standing position, shading his blurry eyes from the bright lights in the room. Despite his dislike for the Master�s servant, he carefully kept his face free of any disdain. If he was going to report a failure, he wanted to keep every chance of living through it.

Guilhem responded steadily, �The humans took the cities back from us in days. They were too powerful; the tribe had no chance of success. We were forced to retreat to the swamps. I beg forgiveness for my failure, Master; my only wish is to serve you.� He knew the last words were a lie even as he spoke them.

The master paused for a moment and then spoke. �Guilhem, you have performed well. I do not consider your distraction a failure.�

�Distraction?!� Guilhem cried, trying desperately not to let his anger show. Hundreds of the clan, perhaps thousands were slaughtered� all for a distraction. �A distraction, M�lord� I do not understand� You sent orders that I was to take the tribes into the cities and hold them. We were defeated.�

�Indeed,� said the Master. �Your primitives occupied the Britannians quite well. Our efforts here were not discovered, thanks to that diversion.�

�However, our assets are far from secure.� A deep voice took Guilhem by surprise. In his nervousness he had not noticed a figure standing in the shadows, concealed by a dark cloak.

�We still have the issue of the renegades.� The stranger spoke in low tones, but with an air of power behind his words. �They have been making attempts almost daily to expose us. If the humans found the city now, they could shut down production of our forces. The savages did distract the Britannians, but it is still too soon for us to be discovered. We need more time.�

Guilhem stood tensely. He had never heard anyone speak that way in front of the master, as if they were an equal! He had seen men die for far less a transgression. To his surprise, the Master responded to the stranger, �What do you suggest?�

�That we launch the golems now. The Britannians are still unfocused after the chaos caused by the orcs and savages. The renegades remain a nuisance. Enough golems have been produced to afford us the ability to have the Controllers both search for the renegades and divert attention away from our work. That should give us enough time to establish our security structures.�

There was a long silence as the whirring sound increased and then settled. �Phoseph, notify the Controllers of our new plans. They are to begin as soon as possible.� He paused while the lackey made some notes on a scroll and then left the room. �Guilhem, step forward.�

Guilhem knew as he stepped forward he could not hide the slight shaking of his legs or the look of anxiety on his face. His mind raced with anger and confusion. He tried not to look in the direction of the dark stranger who was moving silently across the room. He stopped behind Guilhem, casting a slight shadow over him.

�Guilhem, don�t presume to be able to hide anything from me. Although you performed your task well, your growing fondness for the primitives is clear.� The Master spoke in his usual calm tones.

�I� I have come to know them, M�lord. My purpose remains to serve�.�

�Your purpose is mine to decide, as is your reward. You still wear the marks of the primitives. You wish to live as one of them.� A dark blue light enshrouded Guilhem and he rose a few inches off of the cold floor below him. He tried to scream but his face froze in astonished horror. �And you shall die as one.�

Guilhem felt the warmth of his own blood running down his body as he was impaled from behind by the dark cloaked stranger. Through the pain of his spine breaking in two he imagined the home of the savages and let himself have a quick, bloody smile before slumping to the floor.

�I have matters to attend to elsewhere. We are not yet secure,� said the dark figure, not giving a thought to the blood on his cloak.

�For the moment,� replied the Master. �But soon we shall be. The Britannians will not be able to withstand our forces. The renegades shall soon be found. The land will be ours.�

Silently the figure moved out of the room, leaving a small trail of crimson droplets behind him.

Posted by Thellaren at 3:48 PM

September 25, 2001

Secure House Trading / Commodity Deeds / Repair Service Contracts

The following three new items were posted to In Concept:

Secure House Trading
  • A method for increasing the security of house trading will implemented
Commodity Deeds
  • New items known as �commodity deeds� will give players the opportunity to transport and trade resources, of sizes that were previously unable to be held within a character�s backpack, with greater ease and security than before.
Repair Service Contracts
  • One of the cornerstones of Ultima Online is the activity of players sharing items with other players in order to obtain repairs for their armor and weapons. A supplement to these transactions will now exist in the form of "repair service contracts."
Toggle the links for full information on each concept.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 11:27 PM

Client Patch

From FYI:

We will be releasing a client patch on Tuesday, September 25th at approximately 2:30 pm CDT. This patch contains a fix for a data error, and does not contain any gameplay changes.

NOTE: As there are no executable changes contained in this patch, the in-game version numbers will not change, and should still read 3.0.4p (2D client) and 3.0.4p Build 77 (3D client).

If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:
  • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
  • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at http://support.uo.com/tech_6.html.
  • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online. For information on up-to-date virus detection software, please visit http://www.mcafee.com/myapps/vso/default.asp.
If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at tech@uo.com.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 2:40 PM

Message Board Link Updated

I've finally updated the "Message Board" link in the navigation aera at the left.

I haven't created a new message board, since our guild is currently in a commununication "lull," I'm not completely satisfied with the (free) message boards available, and our hosting service hasn't been the greatest lately as far as scripts go. I've decided to point the message board link to the Avalon message board, here, since many BS&R guildmates have been involved strongly in Avalon, until such time as I decide to create our own board.

Posted by Keith at 12:00 PM

September 24, 2001

Best Shot in the Realms (Trammel)

Posted to the UO Stratics Baja Forum by OTTnMA:

The Society of Archers (S|A) Baja Chapter, sponsors of last April's Archers Faire, are pleased to announce that it will be holding the first, of the soon to be monthly, "Best Shot in the Realms" Contest. We had a similar contest at the Archers Faire, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. This time we are upping the stakes�with a purse of over 100,000gp!

The Archery Event will be held this Sunday (Sept. 30) at the Skara Brae Fairgrounds in Trammel. Signups for the Contest begin at 7:30pm EST (4:30pm PST), with the first round to begin soon thereafter. For those not fortunate enough to have seen the Fairgrounds, we will have S|A Archers providing gates at Britain West Bank (Trammel), Bank of Vesper (Trammel) and at the S|A Baja Chapter House, for 15 minutes 'til the hour.

The event is free for all Archers. All non-magical bows or crossbows are permitted. If time permits we will have a special "Beat the S|A Round" with a Heavy Crossbow of Vanquishing up for grabs. Some come one come all this Sunday Archers, and see if you truly are� the "Best Shot in the Realms."

Head of Baja Chapter
Society of Archers S|A

Posted by Thellaren at 8:45 PM

September 21, 2001

Guaranteed Gain System

The following was posted to In Concept:

In essence, this proposed modification to the skill gain system would eliminate the need for "power hour" by providing opportunities for guaranteed skill gain during normal play.
You can read more about the 'Guaranteed Gain System' here.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 12:47 PM

September 20, 2001

Dawn Hires New Town Cryer (Felucca)

From the Dawn Town Cryer (online):

Since the disappearance of our previous Town Cryer months ago, the Kingdom has been in search for a viable candidate to take her place. I'm pleased to announce that our search is over!

Noah, Dawn's new Town Cryer, can be found on the steps of Dawn Tower. Noah will provide news when asked, and will also respond to inquiries about 'Dawn', requests for 'info', and of course, the ages-old question 'vendor buy'! If you give Noah a tip, he might even point you towards our web site!

Posted by Thellaren at 6:02 PM

Seattle Player Luncheon?

Joshua Rowan and I have planned the last two Seattle Player Luncheons and are considering our third. Before we get too involved, we need to find out if there is interest in such an event. We are looking at a date of Dec. 8th for a luncheon. If this is something you'd be interested in attending, please write to Ursula at ursula@townofgolden.net. This does not committ you to anything, it's just giving us an idea on how many people are interested.

Golden Brew Owner, Golden Knight

Posted by Thellaren at 10:34 AM

September 19, 2001

Gromm Discusses UO Fiction

Posted on the 17th to Comments From the Team (Gromm, Designer of Content for UO):

One of my favorite things about my new position as an Ongoing Content designer for UO is the chance to work with the rich Ultima Prime fiction. I, like many of you, played the Ultima games when I was a wee lad. I grew up with people like Iolo and Dupre for heroes, and monsters like Mondain, Exodus, and the Guardian as enemies. The stories and characters from those original games influenced me growing up. Now I�m in a position where I�m partially responsible for those characters and stories.

So we have Ultima Online. A world parallel to the original Britannia, born when the stranger shattered Mondain�s Gem of Immortality. A world we all knew was going to have familiar heroes and villains. A world we knew was going to have familiar towns and cities. And a world we knew we were familiar with from the Ultima Prime games.

But here�s the fun part� it�s a world where everything you know about Ultima Prime lore could be wrong. Many people consider the original Ultima Prime fiction as sacred and I tend to agree, but my point, and I think it�s a very important one, is: This is not Ultima Prime.

When we plan a scenario we, of course, refer back to the prime fiction. After all, these are the events and characters that shaped the Ultima legend and made it what it is today. We like to make sure we don�t contradict the original principles that made Ultima what it is, but we want to avoid telling the same stories all over again. And now we have thousands of people to tell the story to instead of the single player taking on the role of the Avatar.

I tend to think of the way we plan on using the Ultima fiction similar to some comic book franchises. Take, for example, Batman. The story of the dark knight has been retold tons of times. Multiple comic book incarnations, movies, cartoons, and crossovers have been made. Every time the story has been told in a different way. Sometimes different characters live and die. Sometimes they have different relationships. On occasion, a story will go way out on a limb and take a totally new approach to the legend (Batman Beyond anyone?).

This is essentially what we want to do with the Ultima legends. You�re going to see some familiar faces and some familiar events come to pass, but in ways you may not have expected. The shards may be reflections of the original Britannia, but the events and characters within them are going to be very different from the way you knew them. The future is going to be a very different one, and the past may not be what you think it is.

Like any fantasy or science fiction, liberties must be taken at times to keep things interesting. Rules sometimes have to be broken or ignored. I�m not saying we�re going to ignore major game plot points, but sometimes the smaller things won�t be explained. Changes to game mechanics or spawn usually doesn�t come with a fictional explanation, it�s just a change made for game balance. It�s details such as those you won�t see us sweating too much over. We want the world to have a history and a story, but not down to every last patch of ground in the game. It�s not that we don�t care about having a realistic world, but we have to remember this is a video game. Sometimes we�re just going to have to ask that you use a bit of suspension of disbelief. I have yet to see any science fiction or fantasy where it wasn�t needed at all.

So hopefully this gives you a little insight as to how we�re currently viewing the fiction in UO. I think you�re going to find the events that transpire in game are going to surprise you and, I hope, entertain you.

I�m looking forward to seeing many of you at the world faire this year and as always, keep the feedback coming.


Designer, Ongoing Content

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 1:01 AM

September 18, 2001

Client Patch 3.04p

OSI released a client patch today, Tuesday, September 18th at approximately 3:00 pm CDT. The patch changes can be read here.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 3:46 PM

Promoting The Arts In UO


I would like to invite all playwrights and those interested in theater to get involved with the artistic community on Baja.

As a founder of The Golden Brew Players, our intention was to promote original works and encourage other groups to produce their own productions.

The Golden Brew Players have done several plays throughout the past few years and would love to give another group or individual a chance to step up and show their stuff.

We have a theater located in the Town of Golden. It is available for any group that would like to put on a theatrical production. If you'd like to see one of your stories produced write to me, Ursula. I can try to get a group together or interested in putting it on.

We have many talented and creative people on Baja, let's join together and continue to build a wonderful artistic community.


Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 10:14 AM

Houses Automatically Refreshed

From FYI:

Even as we resume our lives after the tragic events of September 11th, we at Origin understand that many people are still unable to attend to things at home, due to travel issues, communication difficulties, or concern for missing loved ones. To help accommodate those players who have been in any way affected by these events, Origin Systems will be automatically refreshing all Ultima Online houses through the entire month of September.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 12:19 AM

September 14, 2001

Client Patch 3.0.4p

From Testing for Next Update:

Various updates and bug fixes, including paperdoll updates, localization files, and a crash issue involving non-humans trying to sit.

3D Client
  • Paperdoll no longer closes and reopens to refresh the paperdoll model.
  • Players will no longer be able to equip non-wearable objects by dropping them on the paperdoll background. This was causing drag slot problems preventing them from picking things up.
  • Various animation files.
Both Clients
  • Fixed a crash bug that occurred whenever non-humans tried to sit.
  • Various localization files.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 7:30 PM

Player Owned Barkeeps

From Latest Updates:

Players will now be able to purchase and own a barkeep, that can be placed in the player's house. A new item called "a barkeep contract" can be purchased from either a new barkeep "shopkeeper" (which can be found in non-player character taverns) or an innkeeper (which can be found in NPC inns).

The "prime" owner of a house (but not a co-owner), who is in his or her house, will be able to double-click a barkeep contract so as to place a barkeep. The house must be "public" in order to place a barkeep.
The barkeeps will serve as a method for players to support and announce their own events and quests. The barkeeps will have the following properties:
  • Saying "news" to a barkeep will give a scenario hint, just like a town crier.
  • The "tip rumor" will be optional and customizeable by the player owner. Amounts of gold under 50 gold will cause the Barkeep to speak this rumor. Amounts over 50 gold will be returned.
  • In addition to the one tip rumor, players can put 3 "oracle style" rumors with keywords on the Barkeep. (oracle style rumors are spoken once certain keywords are said by the player. The rumor and linking keyword are added to the Barkeep by the player owner).
  • There will be no limitations on what style of housing the Barkeeps can be placed within (provided that the house is set to be "public" and not "private").
  • Barkeeps will be customizeable like a player vendor, with clothing/dress options.
  • The Barkeep owner can make the Barkeep male or female.
  • The Barkeep owner can choose another title for the Barkeep other than "Barkeep", from a list of between 30-50 different job titles.
  • Up to two Barkeeps will be allowed per home.
Barkeeps will be in the various taverns throughout the cities, to support the scenarios as well, with the scenario rumors. However, players will not be able to add rumors to these barkeeps.

The titles for the "Bartender" can be chosen from the following list:
  • alchemist
  • animal tamer
  • apothecary
  • artist
  • baker
  • barkeep
  • beggar
  • blacksmith
  • bounty hunter
  • brigand
  • butler
  • carpenter
  • chef
  • commander
  • curator
  • drunkard
  • farmer
  • fisherman
  • gambler
  • gypsy
  • herald
  • herbalist
  • hermit
  • innkeeper
  • jailor
  • jester
  • librarian
  • mage
  • mercenary
  • merchant
  • messenger
  • miner
  • monk
  • noble
  • paladin
  • peasant
  • pirate
  • prisoner
  • prophet
  • ranger
  • sage
  • sailor
  • scholar
  • scribe
  • sentry
  • servant
  • shepherd
  • soothsayer
  • stoic
  • storyteller
  • tailor
  • thief
  • tinker
  • town crier
  • treasure hunter
  • waiter
  • warrior
  • watchman
  • No Title

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 7:26 PM

Bulk Order Deeds

From General Testing:

Bulk Orders
Bulk orders will be a new feature for crafters, and will be randomly offered by NPC craftspeople to players who sell goods, depending on their skill in the respective craft, and how often the player does business with the NPC.

The bulk order feature is a new addition, and will be implemented only for blacksmiths at this time, allowing us a chance to evaluate and improve the system before expanding it to include more of the crafts.

Players with a sufficient skill in blacksmithy will have a chance to recieve bulk order requests from NPC Armorers and Blacksmiths when they sell goods to those NPCs.

When offered, the bulk order is in the form of a grey deed. Double-clicking this deed brings up the details of the order, such as the item name, amount to make, quality of the item requested, and the ore type.

To complete a regular order, the player can use the "combine" button on the deed to combine the crafted items with the deed until the amount of items the deed requests has been reached. Once the correct amount of items has been created and combined with the deed, the deed can then be dropped on the NPC for a reward.

Small Orders
Small orders, the only ones given to players with less than 70 skill, will request items that will allow the player to gain skill.

Large Orders
Large bulk orders will be extremely difficult to fill, in that each large bulk order may consist of filling and combining several smaller bulk orders. For instance, a large bulk order for blacksmiths may require 20 full sets of armor to be made. The player must obtain several smaller bulk orders, each requiring 20 pieces of an individual piece of armor. These smaller orders for the individual pieces must be completed, and combined into the large bulk order before the large bulk deed can be returned to the NPC for a reward. The smaller orders must be for the same number, quality, and ore type as the original large bulk order. Large bulk orders offer higher rewards, and are only offered to blacksmiths with 70 blacksmithy skill or higher.

All items craftable by blacksmiths can be requested by a blacksmith's bulk order. The quality, quantity, and ore type are chosen at random. The quality is limited to normal or exceptional. The quantity is limited to 10, 15, or 20. The ore types are iron, dull copper, shadow, copper, bronze, golden, agapite, verite, and valorite.

The rewards are threefold. The first reward is gold. A check will be given to the person fulfilling the order if the amount is equal to or above 5000 gold. The second reward is a special item not available currently in the game, chosen based on the difficulty of the order. The third reward is an amount of fame, which is based on the difficulty of the deed.

The reward items are not listed here, in order to allow blacksmiths to discover for themselves what rewards will be available.

The easiest bulk order to complete would be an order for 10 buckler shields of normal quality and made with iron ingots. The reward would be a moderate amount of fame, some gold, and a special item.

The hardest bulk order to complete would be a large bulk order for 20 suits of platemail (all 6 pieces) of exceptional quality made with valorite. The player would need to have a large bulk order deed, as well as six small bulk order deeds, each for the same number, quality, and ore type, and each for a different piece of the full armor set. These six small orders (each for 20 of a particular armor piece, of exceptional quality, and made from valorite ingots) would need to be combined into the deed. The reward would be an enormous amount of fame, a bank check for a large sum of gold, and a magical item.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 7:07 PM

West Coast Shards Brought Down

From FYI:

In order to correct an issue with the latest publish on the West Coast shards (Pacific, Baja, Sonoma, and Napa Valley), those shards have been brought down for a short period of time. We anticipate the downtime to be less that 45 minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 3:42 PM

A Moment of Silence

From FYI:

In remembrance of the victims of this week's attacks, we would like to join the rest of the gaming community in conducting a moment of silence and reflection in game at 8:00 PM CDT (6:00 PDT). Please note that this is voluntary, and we ask that players not call our support department to report others who choose not to participate.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 11:47 AM

September 13, 2001

Player Owned Bartenders Published

From FYI:

Player-owned bartenders (listed in Testing for Next Update) have now been published to all shards, and will be active shortly after their next scheduled maintenance period.

Note that the bartenders will not be active immediately. In order to enable players to purchase bartenders, we must first wipe and reset all current non-essential NPCs, including shopkeepers and creatures. This will not affect stablemaster NPCs, players� pets, or player-owned vendors. This wipe will be done on Friday morning, Sept. 14th CDT, and players can expect to see a low creature spawn for a short time until the numbers have returned to normal.

This change will be added to Latest Game Updates once the bartenders are active on all shards.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 9:12 PM

In Remembrance

From 'What's New':

During difficult times, people look to their friends and their community for strength and for solidarity. The Ultima Online community is no different. People from all across the globe and from every walk of life have joined together in the wake of recent tragic events, and have come forth to show that we are strong, and we are unified.

Images from around the UO Community

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 6:38 PM

September 12, 2001

Auto House Refresh

From FYI:

We understand that many travel and communication avenues, businesses, financial institutions, etc. have been hampered or closed due to yesterday's events, which has no doubt caused many players difficulties in accessing their UO accounts. We are also aware that yesterday was a day for helping others and a day of concern for family and friends. Due to the seriousness of this occasion, we will be refreshing all houses automatically this afternoon in order to help players who may have been unable to access their accounts.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 6:15 PM

OPEN T-HUNTING Sun. Sept 16 (Trammel)

The following event was posted to the UO Stratics Baja Forum:

THB Presents an open T-Hunt on Sunday Sept 16 from 12:00 PST till about 2PMish.

- Plenty of THB T-Hunters will hopefully be on hand to help you dig up your loot. Just bring your maps and we'll do our best to get them all done. In the interest of fun it is requested you bring friends with you to help out. (Also means we can do more maps)

- It will be held in the courtyard of Lord British's castle in Trammel. This makes it easy to stable and retrieve your pets should you chose to use them, plus it is close to the bank.

- It's still up to the individual T-Hunter to set thier fee, but we are not a greedy lot and have a reputation of being honest, good T-Hunters.

Hope to see you there.
-Cypress of THB

Posted by Thellaren at 2:01 PM

Inappropriate Behavior in Ultima Online

From FYI:

In light of recent events, we�d like to take this opportunity to remind players that inappropriate behavior of a racial or hateful nature will not be tolerated in game. Inappropriate (racist, discriminatory, sexually explicit, derogatory, or offensive in any way) names and actions are in violation of both the spirit of the Ultima Online community and the Ultima Online Service Agreement.

Please be aware that if your character is caught with an offensive name, or is found acting inappropriately in game, your account will be subject to discipline and may be subject to permanent suspension.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 2:09 AM

Vigil at Shrine of Compassion

At 7pm PDT last evening, many of Baja's citizens flocked to the Shrine of Compassion to pay their respects to those injured or killed in the attacks on Washington DC & New York. Here is a picture of the scene:

In addition, citizens across the realm created the following tributes of their own:

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 1:57 AM

Savage Paint Fix and Orc Brute Update

From Testing for Next Update:

Two Scenario-related matters are being updated:
  • Players wearing savage paint will now be trackable using the tracking skill.
  • The orc brute will have its loot increased and will have a chance to carry (and use) a magic war mace

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 12:07 AM

Veteran Rewards Update - Baja

From FYI:

The issues with the Veteran Rewards system have been resolved. The system should be active on all shards that had Veteran Rewards active previous to the downtime.

The Veteran Rewards system was activated on the Siege Perilous shard yesterday, September 11th. We are targeting to activate the system on the Baja and Europa shards sometime today. Please refer to the previously released schedule for information on when we anticipate Veteran Rewards to be activated on the remaining shards.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 12:00 AM

September 11, 2001

Baja Mourns Real Life Tragedy

12:30pm PST at the Britain Bank - Trammel

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 3:16 PM

Veteran Rewards Schedule

From FYI:

The connectivity fix for the Veteran Rewards system has been published to all shards, and we are ready to resume activation of the Veteran Rewards system! We are targeting to activate the system on each remaining shard at some point during the day designated below, which means that players should not expect the system to be active immediately following their scheduled morning maintenance. Please note that this schedule is subject to change, and may be extended should any unforeseen issues arise with the rewards system.

All dates listed are Central Daylight Time.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 11: Siege Perilous
  • Wednesday, Sept. 12: Europa and Baja
  • Thursday, Sept. 13: Arirang and Great Lakes
  • Friday, Sept. 14: Catskills and Hokuto
  • Monday, Sept. 17: Oceania, Izumo, and Wakoku
  • Tuesday, Sept. 18: Drachenfels, Mizuho, and Asuka
  • Wednesday, Sept. 19: AOL Legends, Balhae, and Formosa

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September 10, 2001

Power Hour Changes

From Testing for Next Update:

The first hour that each character is played on a given day, known as the �Power Hour�, allows that character a possibility of bonus skill point advancements.

The Previous Standard

In the past, the power hour time frame on each shard was reset at midnight local time, meaning that players could always get a new power hour after midnight, regardless of when they last played.

Recent Changes

Recently, the local times for all shards were reset to use a standardized clock, which does not undergo Daylight Savings Time. Due to this change, power hour no longer reset itself at midnight local time, but reset at the same time across all shards, which caused the power hours to reset at inconvenient times for some players.

The Solution

To resolve this issue, power hour will now be calculated based on the players� play time, rather than the shards� local time.

Players will experience a power hour during their first hour of play a character within a 24 hour period, which means that technically, the power hour will be refreshed 23 hours after the previous power hour has ended. If a player does not log in for over 24 hours, their power hour will begin as soon as they log in, and last for the full hour.

As an example, a player who logs in at 8:00 PM local time will experience a power hour that will last until 9:00 PM. They will not be able to experience another power hour during that 24 hour period, so they will not receive another power hour until at least 8:00 PM the following day. If they do not log in again until 10:00 PM, they will experience their full power hour, beginning at 10:00 PM and lasting until 11:00 PM. The following day, they will not be able to experience a power hour until at least 10:00 PM local time.

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Veteran Rewards and Power Hour Update

From FYI:

We will be releasing a mini-publish today that should fix a connectivity issue with the Veteran Rewards system, as well as fix a problem that caused power hour to reset at the wrong time (see information on the power hour fix here). We will be bringing the shards down to publish this update this afternoon, and we anticipate the downtime to be no more than half an hour.

Once the publish is active, we will monitor the shards that are currently running the Vet Rewards system, and, barring any unforeseen issues, will release a schedule later today for the activation of Vet Rewards on the remaining shards. Keep an eye on FYI for new information!

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September 7, 2001

Radnor on the Seer Program

Seer Radnor recently had the following to say about the new volunteer seer program:

Admittedly, it won't restart the OSI sanctioned Seers program. But, we are attempting to do what that program did, albeit, without the powers and immortality that was the gift of OSI. We'll do our best at coming as close to what that fantastic group did, though.

We have several different events and quests in the final stages of design and it should be within a week that you will see a bit of our work (read "fun") on a couple of the shards.

Due to my in depth involvement at moving this program along, I have been promoted to Lead Seer for the Western Shards. I am actively recruiting any and all players who have the time and interest in joining our group. Anyone interested, click on the url for our web site and "read all about it". And, our Stratics Forum is located here. Any questions, you have my ICQ and email address below. Gimme a holler...

Lead Seer Radnor
Western Shards
UO Seers Web Site
ICQ 128071387

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Avalon Commissary Caretaker Donates Ships to the FCB

Last night, Ultimax, longtime citizen of the City of Avalon and caretaker to its commissary, generously donated two ships to the Fisherman�s Council of Baja. The boats will be used in both facets as part of the new ferryboat program FCB has enacted as part of a public service for those in need of temporary ship use. Ultimax had the following to say about the vessels:

"Alluvem're crusted with frikkin' barnacles, an' the scuppers're clogged. All they needs is a good frikkin' heave down an' maybe a few patches. *grumble* The Papua ship got bilged onner anchor. Other'n that, it'll be ready for the sweet trade."

Donated on behalf of the City of Avalon and Avalon Naval Operations (ANO), the extra ships will be put into use in the following locales this weekend, per �Max�s� suggestion:



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September 6, 2001

2nd Tiberian Temple Grand Opening Celebration (Trammel)

From the Tiberian Website:

This Saturday, September 8th, at 2pm Pacific Time, Trammel facet, the Tiberian Temple of Virtue celebrates the grand opening of another location in the province of Gwanur-Rinde. All are invited to come and celebrate this victory for the cause of virtue!

This temple was made possible by a generous donation from Adian O'Rourke and the folks in Rangers of the Realm (RoR). It will be headed by Temple Philosopher Lucius, who's task will be to spread virtue and enlightenment to the people of the area. As with the First Temple, all of the philosophies and teachings of the Tiberians will be available to be read at this temple. As a special gift to those who attend, we will be giving out the first copies of Tiberius' newest book, "Teaching Virtue".

If you are having difficulty finding the 2nd Temple, send us a pigeon at ICQ # 94711196 and we'll send someone to gate you.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Tiberius of Yew

Posted by Thellaren at 1:47 PM

FCB Slaughter By The Sea (Trammel)

Live from the Magincia Docks

... Sunday ... Sunday ... Sunday ...

The Baja Fleet presents ....

Slaughter by the Sea!

Sunday, September 12th @ 5:00 PM PST
(8:00 PM EST for the timezone challenged)

Ahoy Mates,

The Fishing Council of Britannia's (FCB) Baja Fleet is proud to host our first Slaughter by the Sea *FREE* public net throwing party. The Baja Fleet of the FCB will be tossing many special fishing nets at the Magincia Docks(trammel), and invites all citizens of The Baja Shard to come and join in the killing of the Sea Serpents, Water Elements, and deadly Krakens that may be fished up. Everyone is more than welcome to bring their own fishing nets as well. Gates will be provided from Britain's West Bank, and the bank in Moonglow. There will also be healers for the poor land lubbers who may meet a horrible fate dealt by the dangers of the sea.

If you think you have what it takes to down a kraken, then here is your chance to prove it! This event will take place Sunday Sept. 12th, 5:00pm pst, (8:00pm est) at the magincia docks [tramm]. Please do not bring Dragons or WW's, and we ask that you do not loot the corpes's for we want everybody to enjoy this and have a good time.

Lonestar - Fleet Captain

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September 5, 2001

Comments from Stellerex

The following comments from Stellerex, Senior Producer of UO, were posted to the Official UO Website:

Most residents of Britannia would really like to know what OSI has planned for the future of the kingdom. Chances are if they got their wish, though, it would spoil the fun of discovery and anticipation that comes with any good mystery. For those folks, I would like to take this opportunity to give some assurances that we are indeed working on some very significant features that I believe will return the real flavor of Ultima to Britannia.

Although the core people on the dev team will continue to address continuous content, system improvements, and GM support, I�ve mentioned a couple of times in the past that the team is bigger than it has ever been before. Real expansion of the world and the game is within our grasp. Life � well, virtual life - has really only just begun.

And before anybody asks, no I�m not going to give specific details. Not that some folks won�t read into my comments and figure out a lot anyway. Every once in a while, I like to turn a phrase just the right way to give a clue, and see if anybody can figure it out. Chances are I�m too obscure in my presentation, but it�s fun to give it a whirl anyway.

Regardless of that, there are plenty of obvious improvements that have recently been released as well. Everybody should have noticed by now that it�s more fun to create a starting character and work your way upward. A first circle spell is actually useful for something besides skill improvement, for instance. Though many veterans get upset when we make changes specifically for new players, they do have to realize that improving the learning experience helps to grow the community and make the world more vibrant. Unpopular as that idea may sound at first, hopefully most of you can see the long-term benefits to keeping the population of the world strong.

Real life always has a way of creeping back into our plans, though, so we�ve also been making strides to listen more closely to our veteran players. Everything from the Scenario program to upcoming changes for the Siege Perilous shard has been a consistent effort to attend to that. Siege Perilous is being modified by members of the design team who really enjoy that style of play, so I�m confident it�s moving in the right direction. Veteran�s Rewards are finally having the final kinks worked out, after much ado, and that system will be active on all shards soon. I have to admit, it�s taken us quite a bit of work, but it�s a system that can be adapted for other uses in the future, so hopefully all of the work will pay off in the long run.

Running just a little behind that, we�re working on two very significant undertakings that you�ll be able to find out more about at this year�s World Faire. Technically, I can�t go into specific detail on that, but I�ve given a couple of clues already. Until the end of October rolls around, you�ll just have to watch carefully for little foreshadowing and hints of what�s to come.

Even that�s not the whole picture! Several more publishes are on the horizon to address even more client optimizations (for both the 2D and 3D clients), new game art, improved user interfaces, new creatures, and even new craftables. Yes, it sounds like a lot, but that�s one of the benefits of having such a large dev team. Simultaneous development paths are wonderful things.

Tomorrow isn�t that far off, but until then I�d like to leave you with a few key concepts that should give you a feel for what we�re trying to aim at now and in the future. Environment and personality. Mechanics that are simple, but provide depth. Intuitive UI. Less tedium. Systems instead of features. Harder quests. Easier learning curves. NPCs and monsters that have some intelligence. Action and pacing in combat. Return to the Ultima tradition. Fighting with a purpose. Originality. Role playing. Attention to community. Logical, thematic enhancements. Let me know if you have suggestions, because I�m always happy to chat.

Senior Producer
Ultima Online

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Client Patch 3.0.4n

From FYI:

We will be releasing a client patch on Wednesday, September 5th at approximately 5:30 pm CST. This patch contains the following changes:
  • Disappearing macro bug fixed
  • Invisible house/boat bug fixed
  • Asian characters will no longer appear at the end of macros
  • Some localization files
The current versions should now be 3.0.4n (2D client) and 3.0.4n Build 75 (3D client).

NOTE: Windows 95 users that have not upgraded to Winsock 2 may receive the error �missing winsock32.dll�. To fix this problem, these users should download and install the new version of Winsock, which can be found here. If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:
  • Check the �Patch� directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
  • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at http://support.uo.com/tech_6.html.
  • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online. For information on up-to-date virus detection software, please visit http://www.mcafee.com/myapps/vso/default.asp.
    If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at tech@uo.com.

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Crafting Overhaul Update

The following was posted to the UO Boards today by Designer Vex:

I just wanted to take a moment and post some updates to the crafting system overhaul:

1> Cooking will be included in the new menu system. The tools will be:
* Skillet - this is a renamed frypan (to preserve the rarity of any existing frypans, and any existing frypans will not be usable as cooking tools)
* Flour Sifter
* Rolling Pin

Players will be able to once again turn wheat sheaves into sacks of flour. This will be done through the cooking menu. The player must be near a flour mill.

2> New Tools:
All the new tools added with this update (above cooking tools, fletcher's tools, mapmaker's and scribe's pens) will be available on appropriate NPCs (cooks, mapmakers, scribes, bowyers). The new tools will also appear as "newbiefied" starting equipment for characters who start with these skills. All of these new tools will wear out and break. Exceptionally crafted versions of these tools made by player tinkers will last longer than normal or NPC-bought ones.

3> Material Handling:
If all the materials required to make an item are located in the same subcontainer in the player's backpack, the resulting item will be placed in that subcontainer.

For tailoring, tinkering, blacksmithy (and any future craftables where the item created can obtain properties of materials used), there will be a toggle to target materials. For blacksmithy and tinkering, this option will be an additional item on the Metal Selection menu. When the Target Material option is selected, the player receives a targeting cursor and is prompted to target material to be used. The material targeted must be in the player's backpack.

4> Jewelry
The bug that allows the creation of items with names like "a 10000 diamonds necklace" is not going to be part of the revamped crafting system. It is important to note that even though the entire description of the stack of gems (including the number) was previously included in the name of the crafted piece of jewelry, only one gem was consumed from the stack when a piece of jewelry was made from it.

Currently, the plan is to not fix those items and leave the names un-localized. Please note that while this bug is going away, tinkering is gaining the ability to make different colored pieces of jewelry.

5> Cartographers will be able to use blank scrolls as materials for mapmaking.

6> The repair feature will not at this time be added to any new craft skills. With this overhaul, craft skills are limited to repairing only item types that they can create. This means that blacksmiths will lose the ability to repair heavy crossbows.

We will carefully evaluate the repair feature for staves and wooden shields (by carpenters), leather armor (by tailors) and bows (bowyers). The largest concern (but not the sole one) is that the inability to repair items affects the design of the magic weapon loot tables. Magic bows are much more common than other magic weapon types, due to the fact that players can't repair bows.

7> New Craftables

New craftables are not at this time being added to the system, with the exception that the new tools mentioned here and elsewhere will be craftable by tinkers. Furthermore, no skill requirements are being changed, nor are any skill gain rates or material requirements.

8> Multi-Make

It's important to note that the "multi-make" feature will only work for items that can already be created in bulk. This includes:

Turning logs into boards
Turning wood into shafts
Making crossbow bolts and arrows
Cooking stackable raw meat

The section of the original "In Concept" post that indicated the inclusion of "Make 1", "Make 10", "Make 100", and "Make All" options will be altered. There will be no option to specify any quantities. Instead, for any "multi-make" item, the Information Window will indicate that the item is multi-make, and an attempt to make the item will attempt to make as many as possible using the materials available in the player's backpack.

Current skill gain behavior is being maintained with multi-make items. For example, you currently get larger skill gains in bowcraft/fletching when you make larger stacks of bolts and arrows at once. This behavior will remain unchanged.

9> Static Add-Ons

Static items are those features that are a built-in part of the world, stored in the statics.mul file used by the client and server. Currently, support for static items as crafting add-ons is sporadic; for example, blacksmithy can use static forges and anvils as well as dynamic ones, but cooking only supports the use of dynamic fire sources. With this change, static as well as dynamic add-ons will be supported for all crafts.

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Auto House Refresh

From FYI:

Due to an issue with the latest patch, some players have experienced disappearing walls in their houses. This issue is client-side only, meaning that in most cases, other players are seeing the house intact, and the walls will still block other players from entering. However, this has made it difficult for some players to see their house doors and signs and, as a result, some players have been unable to refresh their houses. To see that players do not lose their homes because of this, all houses were given an automatic housing refresh this morning.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 12:49 AM

September 4, 2001

Client Patch 3.04m

From FYI:

We will be releasing a client patch on Tuesday, September 4th at approximately 10:00 AM. This patch is the same patch that was previously released and reverted on August 30th, and contains the following changes:
  • 2D gameplay window can now be resized without restarting the client
  • When in a party in 3D, the player's status bar will have heal/cure buttons
  • Improvements to the "Last Shard Used" button functionality in the 3D client
  • The character creation templates have been revamped
  • Book crash fixed
  • Players will not always be put in Britain when not using Advanced creation mode. They are put in a random starting city.
  • Players will no longer be asked if they wish to proceed with criminal acts while in Trammel.
  • New characters will now start with 80 stat points.
  • Many crashes and other bugs have been addressed in this patch.
The current versions should now be 3.0.4m (2D client) and 3.0.4m Build 74 (3D client).

NOTE: Windows 95 users that have not upgraded to Winsock 2 may receive the error �missing winsock32.dll�. To fix this problem, these users should download and install the new version of Winsock, which can be found here.

Also important to note: Users attempting to log in while using UO Assist may receive the error "The IGR time limit has been met." Until UO Assist is patched by Tugsoft (its parent company), players will need to log in without UO Assist.

If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:
  • Check the �Patch� directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
  • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at http://support.uo.com/tech_6.html.
  • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online. For information on up-to-date virus detection software, please visit http://www.mcafee.com/myapps/vso/default.asp.
If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at tech@uo.com.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 2:28 PM

September 2, 2001

2D Illegal in Ilshenar

Freshly gleaned from the UO Boards:

Going to Ilshenar without the Third Dawn client is an exploit. It is illegal. Also, please remember that any alterations you make to your client to do so are in violation of the ToS.

Online Community Moderator

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at 12:04 AM

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