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August 26, 2001

UO Seers Seeking House and Item Donations

From Tradespot (Baja):

Yes, the new UO Seers and Troubadours will soon be here. We are gathering on all shards, preparing quests and events for all the players to enjoy. See the link below for our new web site. And, we also have a forum on Stratics at http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/guilds/uo/all/postlist.php?Cat=&Board=genuoseer

But, since we are a "truly" volunteer group, not supported by OSI, not given special powers or the ability to do as we wish, we need some help from the citizens of our fair land. We are seeking donations of all sorts, but one of the first and most important is a dwelling in which to store our items, have our meetings and prepare our events. Some of our events will be held in this donated structure, or at least a stopping point on the road to solving quests. Therefore, the larger the structure, the better.

Please note that we, the individual seer or troubador, does not perform on his or her own home shard. We need to create characters as needed and many of us have no slots open on our home shards. Therefore, as you know, we are born with only 1000 gold pieces, hardly enough to think about buying anything other than training in some extra skills we'll need and a few fish steaks.

Please remember, the dwelling is the most important at this point, but we won't turn down any items we could use for our events and quests, such as rares, gold, silver and special weapons for prizes, a guild stone, books, clothing, scrolls, reagents, full spell books, rune books, empty containers such as chests for our dwelling, anything you can think of.

Please contact me via ICQ or email if you can help with any of the above. I will meet you at the West Brit Bank in Trammel. My ICQ number is 128071387 and my email address is radnor@rogerswebs.com.

Thank you in advance for any support you can offer.

Sincerely, Troubador Radnor Baja Shard

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at August 26, 2001 3:25 PM

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