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August 13, 2001

Questions Needed for Interview

From Player2Player.Net:

Greetings once again!

We are currently trying to assemble a list of questions to present to OSI that mainly focus on the state of Felucca at the present time. Questions involving ANY aspect of player towns will be welcome as well. Once we have a suitable list of GOOD questions, we will be presenting them to a member of the UO Live Dev Team in an interview type setting. So if you have a good question concerning some nature of the problems facing Felucca right now, please send them in or post them on our board. Once a list has been finalized we will post it here. And then once the interview has been completed we will post that as well.

We currently don't have a specific time or date for this interview yet. I'll post here, with that information, just as soon as the time arrangements have been made.

Got a question? Then let us know! Email us at: staff@player2player.net

Korin the Scribe

Posted by Thellaren at August 13, 2001 1:48 AM

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