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August 8, 2001

Questions About Barkeeps

Gromm (UO Designer, Ongoing Content) has been keeping UO Board regulars updated with the most current questions about the Barkeep tool:

How many characters are you able to write in as an answer?
As many as you can fit on one line of typed text.

Can you customize the food menu?
No, it's preset. It has most of the food and drink items an innkeeper has with the exception of a few things players make with the cooking skill.

Are foreign letters (long lives the localization - lol) allowed to use there?
The barkeep is programmed to be usable with any language set. This will mean that if you use an English client and you encounter a barkeep that has been filled with Korean characters you may not be able to enteract.

Do the different titles come with a custom costume for the barkeep?
No, the barkeep will spawn with a standard outfit. After that you control when he changes outfits, exactly like the vendor customization menu.

Where is the house your barkeep is guarding? :)
On my standalone computer I use for coding. First one there can have it. :D

Also, Jahova, the barkeep will not stable animals. We currently have no plans to create a player owned stablemaster.
He also added the following:
Well the barkeeps will have the scenario news, just like the town criers did. That will be localized.

Otherwise, any player entered messages wil be language specific. A keyword entered in Japanese characters will have to be said in Japanese characters to get a response

Posted by Thellaren at August 8, 2001 12:52 AM

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