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August 16, 2001

PvP Tournament in Avalon this Sunday!

Hail & well met! The City of Avalon will be holding a PvP Tournament Sunday, August 19th, pitting Sosaria's greatest warriors in a fight to the death in Feluccia’s far reaches. All fighters of each class will enter the ring and only one will leave alive. There will be 6 classes with a check for 200k going to each class winner.

The classes of fighting will be as follows:

1. Swords/Fencing
2. Mace
3. Axe
4. Magery
5. Archery
6. Taming

The rules are as follows:

All fighters must flag when entering the fighting ring. There is a maximum of 10 bandages and five of each pot (don't want it to last all day). Tamers will be limited to rideable mounts, due to room constraints. DP'd weapons, magic weapons, magic armor & looting are allowed. No contestant will be rezzed until the winner of his or her respective class is determined.

This event will be at held at the Avalon Events Tower (123 29N 26 51E) on Sunday, August 19th at 3pm EST, 12 PDT. So come one come all & find out who the greatest warriors in the lands are!!!!! To find our city, please consult the maps found at the following location: http://www.avaloncity.org.

Katie of Avalon

Posted by Claude at August 16, 2001 12:00 PM

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