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August 29, 2001

FCB Ferryboats Ready to Depart! (Global Baja)

Mage Tower FCB FerryHave you ever wondered who was banging on that awful lute across the channel from your home? Ever needed a boat on hand to take out fishing or to actually sail to the mainland from Skara Brae?

If so read on….

The Fisherman’s Council of Baja is proud to announce a unique and entirely free service for the entire Shard of Baja. The Baja council, under the tutelage of fleet captains Foofisher & Lonestar, have commissioned the launch of seven ferryboats in various areas of our land.

These ferryboats can be used by any citizen of Baja and taken out on fishing expeditions, treasure hunts, or to just simply cross a small channel of water. The sides will be left unlocked and one of our Boatswains will bring the boat back to its home port if it strays too far off course.

You will be able to find the Ferryboats in the following locales across the facets:


FELUCCAIf you would like to find out more about the FCB, please ICQ Foofisher @ 42314161 , Lonestar @ 54512593 or visit our vendor filled Guildhouse on Trammel (N of Minoc) @ 129 59’N – 83 2’E. Alternatively you can contact us through our website @ http://www.thefcb.com.

Lumi Captain
Boatswain, The Baja Fleet

Posted by Thellaren at August 29, 2001 9:26 PM

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