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August 18, 2001

Faction Report!!

Well it seems summer is taking its toll on factions. With many people gone on vacation or taking their college finals (Archangel), factions haven't enjoyed the 20 vs 20 or 30 vs 30 fights it once enjoyed. This week has been pretty slow with a minimum number of large raids and only a few people guarding sigils. After a week of hit and runs from Minax, TB and SL, COM managed to secure 5 towns while 3 sigils are still up for grabs (Brit, Minoc and Yew). Also, COM exercised their power over the cities, creating turrets in front of their stronghold as well as in front of TB's HQ, making movement of sigils very difficult.

In other news:

LOD's recent departure from Minax to go Chaos left many veteran PVPers heading over to Minax. Some felt that the enticement of COM had left and their actions would even the playing field as Minax has not been a major force in the battle for the cities lately. Also SL have suffered a severe lack of leadership as Archangel the guildmaster of M&D and leader of the Shadowlords has been taking finals in RL and unable to contribute his great leadership ability these last 2 weeks. TB has also felt the pinch of summer and often lacked the defensive force to guard 24 hours around the clock (Most factions aren't able to set up a 24 hour watch at this time). This has resulted in the loss of their sigils after the hard fought raids to obtain them.

Until next week may your horses live long and your traps give lots of silver!

Pat Factor
The #1 Stunna

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at August 18, 2001 2:31 PM

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