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August 16, 2001

EVENT: PvP Tournament this Saturday! (Trammel)

The following notice was found posted to the UO Stratics Baja Board:

Greetings. A good friend of mine, Night Stallion, as his final act before leaving UO, will be sponsoring a PvP tournament in Trammel! Valuable rares will be amounst the prizes, the Grand Prize being a LARGE MARBLE home on Trammel.

The tournament will be held at The Discordian Society's Tower near the Brit/Yew/Skara crossroads. Registration will begin at 4pm PDT and end at 5pm. No new registrations after 5pm. Hopefully we will begin the fighting around 5:30pm

You will be required to temporarily resign from your current guild and be added to the tournament guild stone to participate. Due to limitations of the system, Factioned players will NOT be able to participate because they cannot be added to the tournament guild stone.

The tournament will be divided into 3 seperate categories:

1. Melee only. No magery allowed.
2. Non-melee. No melee weapons.
3. All goes. Anything allowed.

Each category will receive a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize. The 1st place winners out of each category will compete in best out of three fight for the GRAND PRIZE! The final fighting will be 'Anything allowed.'

The tournament will be held on top of a LARGE TOWER. Using hiding, invisibility, or leaving the top of the tower during your match will be considered a forfeit. So practice up on your TOWER TOP fighting technique.

Bandaids and potions are permitted. Magic weaponry and armor is not permitted, but you may use jewelery (stat modifier magic) and clothing. ABSOLUTELY NO LOOTING WILL BE PERMITTED! Anyone caught looting an opponent will be immediately disqualified.

Gating from Britain (East and West banks) will begin around 4pm. The length of the tournament entirely depends on the turnout. Be prepared to hang around and have a good time, with a Grand Prize like that, there's probably going to be a lot of contestants. Good luck and see you there!

Also, no pets will be permitted. Horses and other mounts are OK, but stay on your pet at all times (when possible) to minimize lag for others.

Jasmine S

Posted by Thellaren at August 16, 2001 3:03 PM

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