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August 10, 2001

Changes to Animal Lore

New to In Concept:

** Note ** This idea is currently in a "concept" phase, meaning we want to get feedback on it. However please understand that this idea may change to be quite different from this proposal when or if it becomes finalized. Also note that this proposal might not get put in at all, depending on factors in the design process as well as the feedback we get from players. As more information becomes available about this concept idea, the update pages will become updated.

Animal Lore skill will be updated as a stand-alone skill, to accommodate localization issues and player- and Dev Team-driven suggested changes. This update does not include any changes where Animal Lore coordinates with any other skill.

Players will use the Animal Lore and then target any animal to obtain two random items of information about that animal, in addition to still discovering the current Loyalty level of an animal (tamed pets, only). Players may need to use Animal Lore on a given animal more than once to learn all the possible available information on that animal. The following lists all possible information that may be discovered with the Animal Lore skill:

Information about its training level, for tamable animals:
  • “It has only just begun its combat training”
  • “It is somewhat trained in the art of war”
  • “It appears fairly trained in the ways of combat”
  • “It has excellent combat training”
  • “It has superior combat training”
  • “It has nearly learned all there is in the ways of combat”
  • “It has mastered the art of war”
  • “It has learned all there is to the art of war”
Information about its past owners, for tamable animals:
  • “It appears to have known only one master in its life”
  • “It seems to have known two masters in its life”
  • “It appears annoyed at having known three masters”
  • “It appears angry to have known four masters”
  • “It appears infuriated to have known five masters”
  • “It is weary of human companionship”
Information about its diet:
  • “You sense that it likes to eat grass”
  • “You sense that it would delight in fruit for a meal”
  • “You sense that it likes to eat hay”
  • “This creature likes to eat grains”
  • “This creature devours meat for its meals”
  • “This creature will eat fish”
  • “This creature will eat various crops”
  • “You can’t think of anything you could feed it” (Note: some pets don’t eat)
Information about its current level of hunger:
  • “It looks like it’s starving”
  • “It looks like it’s near-starving”
  • “It looks pretty hungry”
  • “It looks moderately well-fed”
  • “It looks well-fed”
  • “It looks plump”
  • “It looks like it gets plenty to eat”
  • “It looks replete, as if it has just eaten”
Information about its natural resources (things you can get off of the animal):
  • “You could use this creature for its wool”
  • “It does well at carrying heavy loads”
  • “If this creature were dead, you could use its hides”
  • “You could slaughter it for meat”
  • “It is sometimes used for its wood”

Posted by Thellaren at August 10, 2001 9:38 PM

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