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August 16, 2001

Baja Targeted First With Combat Changes

The following was found on the FYI Section of the UO Offical Website:

We have published the changes and fixes listed in Testing for Next Update to the Baja shard. These changes are now currently active.

We will monitor the Baja shard over the remainder of the week and weekend, and barring any issues, will announce a publish schedule for the remaining shards as soon as we have a target date.
Another update was found shortly thereafter:
A few additions were made to Testing for Next Update regarding the Combat Changes and Tutorial/Haven items previously announced. These changes are presently active on the Baja shard. As stated earlier, we will be closely monitoring Baja and will announce a release schedule for the remaining shards as it is determined.

The changes will be added to Latest Game Updates once the publish is active on all shards.

Posted by Thellaren at August 16, 2001 9:20 PM

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