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July 23, 2001

Scottish UO Meet Reminder - Sat July 28th

The following was posted by Joshua Rowan to UO Stratics:

Scottish UO Meet Reminder - Sat July 28th

The following reminder was sent to us by Iain in regard to the Scottish UO Meet coming up this coming Saturday:
Just a quick reminder to everyone...

This Saturday see's the first of hopefully many Scottish meet-up's for UO players on the Europa shard.

We're looking at meeting on 28th July, in 'Espionage' on Victoria Street (just off George IV bridge) in Edinburgh, at 3pm. If people don't know Edinburgh I shall be waiting at the left hand side of the WH Smith entrance in Waverley Train Station at 2:30pm - I shall be leaving to head to 'Espionage' at 3pm. The reason for Espionage is that it has large booths with large comfy leather seats that can easily accomodate 10 people each. 'Espionage' is a 6 floor labyrnth of rooms, corridors and bars - so it can be quite easy to get lost if you don't arrive early. The place where we will (hopefully) be sitting is on the ground floor to the right after you walk along the corridor at the entrance. If you are still having problems, contact me - iainwatson@yahoo.com - and I shall give you my mobile number. We will also all have name badges, so it shouldn't be too hard to spot us.

There's talk of moving on to a club later at night, but I'll leave that to the day to arrange, coz not everyone's keen on it.

Could you please leave a note here if you wish to attend with your RL name, main character name, guild (if any), and pigeon/mail number. If your too shy to leave your RL name here send me a pigeon on 9921764 or email - iainwatson@yahoo.com - with your details...

The Specifics:
Where: Espionage Bar, Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
Date: Saturday, 28th July, 2001
Time: 3 pm

Coordinator: Mentazm
ICQ 9921764

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