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July 24, 2001

Ravenshire to Host Story Night

The following from Cantharis was recently posted by Cymidei Fier to UO Stratics:

Ravenshire to Host Story Night

This week Ravenshire is happy to announce that we will host the story telling night with Meredith the Bard. Come tell your tale of bravery, tragedy, or any other story that strikes your fancy!

You can even test your improvisational skills with Goldens famous Story roulette, wherein you get three words fromt he audience and make up a story with those three words in it. There will be an open bar as well as a BBQ. This event will take place Wed. the 25th 6:30 pm pst.

Come and share a tale!!!


Posted by Nobody at July 24, 2001 10:50 AM

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