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July 2, 2001

Lum the Mad Leaves His Own Site

Lum the Mad, at his site of the same name, posted a farewell of sorts today. He's moving on to a job with an online gaming company, and felt it would be a conflict of interests to both work for a company and be a direct part of a rant site.

The introduction to his article is below, and the entire article can be found here.


Short version: I've taken a job as a tools programmer with Mythic Entertainment, and will be working on behind-the-scenes stuff related to making Dark Age of Camelot's customer service better. To quote my new co-worker Sanya "Tweety" Thomas, "please direct all complaints about me being a sell out corporate whore to www.I Don't See You Paying For My Health Insurance.com."

As part of my new position, since ranting about our competitors would be wildly inappropriate, I'm turning this website over to its other writers.

Posted by Nobody at July 2, 2001 10:18 AM

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