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July 26, 2001

Comments From Sannio

The following item of interest was just posted to the Comments From The Team Section on the UO website:

Comments from Sannio
Hi, everyone. Iím your new Online Community Coordinator, or ďOCC,Ē and you can call me Sannio. Some of you may recall that name from my time as Seer Sannio on Chesapeake. I played for well over a year as Wixim the Mad, Lord Hughert, Korryn, Joye (Minaxí patsy in the Trinsic invasion), and even Dupre, plus a bunch of other characters and monsters and such. Before that, for a short time, I served Napa Valley for a few months as Counselor PapaMan.

Players from Baja may know me as Nobody, Brother Huberty, or Nathan Harper, among others. In some way or another, Iíve been involved with a lot of groups & communities there, such as Britannia Search & Rescue, the Freeborn Press, Avalon, Lumaria, Golden, the Golden Players, the Baja Mage Tower, the Scorpions, the Kingdom of Dawn, and even UO Straticsí Baja section, plus a whole bunch more. (And Iím also sure that everyone who knows me from Baja also appreciates the brevity of these comments, as opposed to my usual lengthy ramblings!)

Before joining Origin Systems, Iíve done Web design, desktop publishing, illustrating, comic books, trading cards, and other creative things like that. Now that Iím Ultima Onlineís OCC, Iíll be a kind of ďcommunications middle-manĒ between all of the players and all the teams here at Origin working on UO. The Online Community Relations team and I will try to help keep you informed on all the latest updates & changes in the gameóbut donít expect me to give away any event scenario secrets! :] Iíll also be trying to be your voice here at Origin, keeping everyone here informed in all the things that you care about or ways in which youíd like the game to advance & grow. Youíll probably see me most often posting on the UO.com message boards, and Iíll look forward to posting back and forth with everyone there.

Online Community Coordinator
Ultima Online
Origin Systems

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at July 26, 2001 3:38 PM

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