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June 19, 2001

More Information on 4 Year Rewards

Melantus posted the following on the Discussion Boards at the official UO site:

Ok, I messed up a bit so let me clarify:

Let's say you have used up your veteran reward points already. When the fourth year time rolls around, you will get another point. If we put in a fourth year reward, you can spend that new point on that fourth year reward.

This is part of what messed me up: If you already spent your points, then those are spent. You wont be able to get back those points to spend them on fourth year rewards. But as I said above, you will be able to spend this new point as you wish.

Sorry for getting some of that mixed up in my head. Yes, trading rewards back in to get the points back, or having us collect them and credit you somehow would be very hard to do.

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Posted by Thellaren at June 19, 2001 11:48 PM

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