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June 28, 2001

Challice Tower Mall to Open: Dinner and Casino

The following announcement from Jimpha was posted to the UO Stratics Web site:

Challice Tower Mall to Open: Dinner and Casino

The New Challice Tower Mall, located East of the Skara/Brit Crossroads will be having it's Grand Opening July 1. We will have games, dinner and vendors for your enjoyment. There is a meeting area you can sit back and relax and talk with friends, or gamble in the Challice Casino.

We at the Challice are looking for Vendors to fill the Mall. The Special part about our Vendors is that it is for Craftsman only. No more searching for that GM armor, or house add-ons, or GM leather, they will all be located in one location. So if you are a Craftsman and wish to place a vendor at the Challice Mall, feel free to ICQ the Owner/Operator, Jimpha Rosua at 21113603. The charge for Vendor placement is 30k, a one time fee.

We are located at 27'14" S, 32'58" W http://members.theglobe.com/jimpha_rosua/map.jpg

Some on July 1st, or any time if you see me, Jimpha around town, ask for a rune or gate to the Mall, or to place a Vendor.

Posted by Hazard [EiC] at June 28, 2001 5:37 PM

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