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May 21, 2001

Rebuilding Lumaria

Greetings, I'm writing to inform you of the work that is now in progress to rebuild the city of Lumaria on Felucca. I have dug through contact after contact and have located a former member of the Lumarian Council known as Oceanus.

I've been striving to find volunteers that will dedicate themselves and help us bring back the city. Oceanus and I have spoken about raising funds for those who wish to purchase a pre standing house in the area of the city as there are a number of them up for sale. The bridge that was constructed by OSI for the city still stands as well, which is inspiring in itself.

I'm writing you because I want to draw peoples attention to this, this city was one of the first to be built, especially on Baja. It lasted for a long time before falling. It would bring attention and possibly even adventure to an area that seems almost barren.

If you could do something, a small post even to let others know what we are doing it would be wonderful.

My name is Thalanos, Elven Ranger of Baja. I can be contacted at dracusslayer@cs.com or through ICQ at 60316679 for those that are interested.

Thank you, and god speed.

Posted by Thellaren at May 21, 2001 12:00 AM

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