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May 31, 2001

OSI: Account Access Transfer Program

The following was posted to the FYI page on the Ultima Online Web site:

Account Access Transfer Program

In the interest of providing our customers with a safe procedural way in which to transfer UO account access from one individual to another, we would like to remind you of our Origin Account Access Transfer Program. This program allows you to carry out the transfer process officially through the OSI Billing Department, ensuring that in case of any dispute, we can verify the correct owner of a specific UO account. By simply arranging for signatures from both parties involved, completing a confirmation phone call with an OSI representative, and arranging a small transfer fee, your access transfer will be secure and final.

Additional details on the Account Access Transfer Program, and the appropriate form, can be found here.

Posted by Nobody at May 31, 2001 9:13 PM

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