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May 7, 2001

New King and Queen Champions Chosen in Dawn

The town cryer of the Kingdom of Dawn recently made the following announcement for King Desmond Cross:

New King and Queen Champions Chosen

Last night in the fabled Star Room deep in the heart of the Terethan Keep, the monthly tournament was held to select the King and Queen's Champions. Will Avengem, as normal, hosted the event.

After many valiant bouts between combatants, Eagle once again won the right to bear the title "King's Champion", defeating even War Child, who voluntarily relinquished his "Queen's Champion" title to compete.

The battle for the right to be the Queen's Champion came down to a duel between Caesar and War Child. After a long and grueling battle, War Child accidentally crossed the teleporter into the Terethan Keep, normally an instant disqualification! Although Caesar offered to continue the battle, War Child declined. Thus, Caesar was chosen as the new Queen's champion!

Geldric Falko was also knighted by the King for his valiant efforts in the competition.

Well met to the new Champions, and our thanks for all who competed and participated!

Posted by Nobody at May 7, 2001 8:05 PM

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