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May 10, 2001

Invitation to all Volunteers & Their Friends from Chesapeake Scribe

Korin the Scribe, of Chesapeake's City of Haven posted the following invitation concerning UO's ex-Volunteers:

May 10th - A slight change in plans.

First of all that me once again apologize for delaying the Quest for a Champion event. But something a little more pressing has surfaced in our world.

As most of you now know the "gods" have canceled the Ultima Online Volunteer program. Having once been a member of this program myself I know the dedication and sacrifices these people have made over the years. All in the name of helping out´┐Ż their fellow players. The fact that their are now gone has angered many people within our realm. But what we should realize is that while this is most definitely a sad day in UO. We need to get past our anger and show these people the appreciation that they truly deserve.

So in honor of ALL the Volunteers that have served our community over the years we will be holding a "Honors Dinner". It will be held at the Britain Counselors Guildhall in Trammel (here on Chesapeake) on Saturday the 19th at 9:00pm EST. This event is open to ALL volunteers from any shard. So if you were a volunteer and can attend please do so. We want to show you all how much you have meant to us.

I hope every player out there willl join me in honoring the great people that have given so much to us over the years. See you then!

Korin the Scribe

Posted by Keith at May 10, 2001 6:02 PM

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