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May 7, 2001

Imperial Anniversary Ragata Great Success!

After the wedding, the guests searched the countryside in search of hidden ale bottles and Messages in Bottles. Next we launched our ships and tossed dozens of nets into the sea, causing krakens, deep-sea serpents, water elementals and sea-serpents to spawn! It was a lively hunt with lots of loot! Fortunately there were no casualties!

Finally we set sail from Lore Island to the Docks of Vesper. There were three crews; Captain Shard's Pink Pirates, Trekkon's Crown of the Sea, and Midian's Brothers of the Sea. Trekkon's ship landed first in Vesper claiming the 100,000 gold prize! The other crews each received 25,000. Everyone had a grand time! Thanks for coming!

Lady Cymidei Fier
Lord Azalin Lore
The Shadow Imperium

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