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May 16, 2001

EA: �Prying Eyes�, Another Orc Tale at BNN

Another BNN "Orc story" has been posted on the Ultima Online Web site, called "Prying Eyes," here. This is the sequel to "Dudagog's Tale, both of which are the prelude to a large, upcoming, in-game event.

Here's the first paragraph of the latest tale:

Prying Eyes

Sitting high on a tree branch, the orc scout Milug peered through the branches at the city in the distance. As he watched the humies milling about, completely unaware of his presence as they bought and sold their wares, he could not suppress a scowl. Already he missed his fort near the human city of Cove. He missed the comfort of his hut, the daily brawls, and the occasional forays into the woods looking for prey. Even more strongly, he missed the smell of charred meat in the cookpots and the hoots of laughter as yet another orc mage inevitably earned a beating from one of the lords after setting something ablaze while practicing his arcane arts.

Posted by Keith at May 16, 2001 8:23 PM

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