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May 30, 2001

City of Ravenshire Plans Hythloth Adventure

The following announcement from Cantharis of the City of Ravenshire was posted to UO Stratics:

City of Ravenshire Plans Hythloth Adventure

Hail Citizens of Britannia,

There have been rumors of a greater evil brewing in the dungeon Hythloth. We are assembling a party of 40 brave souls to venture into the depths of that vile hole in the ground. We will be splitting into 5 teams to brave the abyss! Each team will have a team captain, which will be one of the citizens of Ravenshire. It will be your duty to protect your team captain, for if he or she falls, your team must leave the dungeon.

However..... If any one falls, they will be ressurected long enough for them to retrieve thier corpse and be gated out. Once we have hit the bottom floor, we will challenge that evil and once it is destroyed we shall return to Ravenshires RavensWing Tavern and have a celebration! At this time, Prizes will be given out to the most courages team, the most helpful and the one with the most members!

Please join us Saturday June 2nd at 9pm PST at Ravenshire Coordinates: 131'6°N 131'33°E - Trammel

We will also be providing gates from East and West Britain bank, Vesper Bank, Moonglow Bank, Delucia Bank, And Minoc Bank. Best of Luck to every one who braves the depths!


Posted by Nobody at May 30, 2001 7:41 PM

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