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May 12, 2001

Baja Leads all of UO in Faction Kills

While reading various pages on the official Ultima Online Web site I came to Baja's Faction page and was impressed by some of the numbers. Here's the top five ranked Faction Guilds on Baja:

Baja Faction Guild Rankings
GuildFactionKill Points
The Lords of DeathMinax4720
Grudge Inc.True Britannians2585
Knights 0f VengeanceTrue Britannians621
Unidentified Mysterious AgencyCouncil of Mages442

The Lord of Death are clearly putting years of experience to work. Skipping on down to the Baja Faction Member Rankings we see these top five kill-leaders:

Baja Faction Member Rankings
MemberFactionKill Points
Grudge IncTrue Britannians2084
The JanitorTrue Britannians617
AriakCouncil of Mages439

Curious about overall rankings, across all the Shards, I loaded up the main Factions page and saw the following top five Faction guilds:

Overall Faction Guild Rankings
GuildFactionKill Points
The Lords of DeathMinax - Baja4720
Grudge Inc.True Britannians - Baja2585
Punishment of AsiaTrue Britannians - Formosa1276
Fallen AngelsShadowlords - Lake Superior1199
Force of ImmortalMinax - Formosa1140

Baja's best scores above and beyond other Shards, and we have the top two Faction guilds! I scrolled down the page to check out the "Overall Faction Member Rankings." The top five are shown below:

Overall Faction Member Rankings
MemberFactionKill Points
HehlafLOLShadowlords - Chesapeake4335
GalenMinax - Baja3575
Little SusyTrue Britannians - Sonoma2299
Grudge IncTrue Britannians - Baja2084
Accompanist CatMinax - Formosa1686

Here we see that Baja has two of the top five Factioneers of all time. Congratulations, Galen and Grudge Inc!

Posted by Thellaren at May 12, 2001 12:49 AM

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