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May 14, 2001

3rd Annual UO Player Gathering in Las Vegas

The following message from KingDavid about a player gathering in Las Vegas was posted to UO Stratics:

3rd Annual UO Player Gathering in Las Vegas, June 22-23, 2001, Excalibur Hotel

KingDavid of Sonoma is proud to announce that the dates for the 3rd annual UO Player Gathering in Las Vegas have been set for 2001. Players will meet at the "King's Window" (near check-in) of the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas on Friday, June 22, 2001, at 6pm local time.

This is the 3rd year we have done this, and its open to all players from all shards. I anticipate that 30+ UO players will be there this year, and I promise it will be fun! If you are interested in coming this year, please icq me at 12875694 so you can get on my list for updates.

We will meet Friday night, then walk to a restaurant and talk and have dinner, and then stay as a big group or as smaller groups for Friday night and all day Saturday. Most players will be leaving Sunday to return home, but there are always a few that stay an extra day.

The Specifics:
Where: "King's Window", Excalibur Hotel
Date: Friday, June 22, 2001
Time: 6pm

David McLaughlin
icq 12875694

Posted by Nobody at May 14, 2001 6:46 PM

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