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April 18, 2001

The Society of Archers Baja Chapter has day of activities, contests and fun!

The following was posted to UO Stratics:

The Society of Archers Baja Chapter has day of activities, contests and fun!

The Society of Archers (S|A) first ever Archers Faire took place last Saturday. The Faire took place at the Skara Brae Fairgrounds in Trammel and lasted most of the afternoon. The crowds, in particular Archers, came out in large numbers to participate in the activities. It was a fun and exciting day, and attracted many interesting people who sat around and chatted the day away, thanks to Sparky's constant barrage of ale.

The Lumberjack race was first, with Sularas pulling in an impressive 400 logs and taking home the first place prize of 50,000 gold. The Archery event followed and was by far the most exciting part of the day. After three rounds of target shooting, only 6 contestants remained. The target was set higher, and all had gone but one and had come up short. People began to speak of a "shoot-out" believing the mark had been set too high. Then the final contestant Sniper Wolf, of PAK, hit three straight bullseyes under pressure to win the event! With her great shooting, Sniper Wolf, took home the grand prize of 50,000 gold and a Vanquishing Heavy Crossbow.

Overall, the Archers Faire was an entertaining and fun day for all. Thanks to all came, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. The Society of Archers Baja Chapter is now looking for Archers interested in uniting together and being involved in more activites like the Archers Faire. You can reach us at SocArchers@aol.com, or look for us around Vesper. I hope you all will keep an eye out for more S|A events in the near future. Farewell!

Posted by Nobody at April 18, 2001 6:12 PM

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