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April 27, 2001

The Results of the Mystic Mead Dart Tournament

The following message from Trekonn was posted to UO Stratics:

The Results of the Mystic Mead Dart Tournament


I am pleased to announce the Mystic Mead Tavern had another successful dart tournament over the weekend. Friday night ended with Durin Stonecrow the high scorer with 90 points, a fine score indeed. On Saturday, Bjorn's Brew flowed freely and many were to drunk to throw straight. Alas, Maganamus III would arrive and top the high score by one point! The high score of 91 points would stand to earn him a check for 13,600 GP!

On Sunday evening, we had the week's prize drawing for all who participated over the weekend. Fire Ninja walked away with a brand new shadow suit and a coupon for 5,000 GP good at the OMK Marketplace next door to the tavern.

Congratulations to you both! This week's prize drawing for participants will be another fish net and SOS bottle, back by popular demand. Remember, all you have to do is throw once to be eligible for the drawing on Sunday. The tavern high score still stands at 110 points by Razagal. Beat this score and recieve an additional 5000 GP! I hope to see you all there over this coming weekend.

Thank thee,
The Hierophant
The Mystic Mead

Posted by Nobody at April 27, 2001 7:56 PM

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