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April 16, 2001

The Golden Brew Celebrates Easter

The following article was posted to UO Stratics:

The Golden Brew Celebrates Easter

The Golden Brew was full of color and celebration as adventurers from every corner of Britannia gathered to celebrate Easter. Saturday, a huge crowd gathered outside the Golden Brew to take part in a dungeon run.

Individuals were put on smaller teams and sent out to a random dungeon. Here is a picture of Team B as they approach the Terathan Keep! My team went to the blood elemental spawn in Shame. We had a great time smashing Blood elementals to bits! With team work there were very few casualties and tons of excitement and treasure.

Other teams visited the Ogre Lords in Despise and hunted Shadow Wyrms in Destard and other dangerous places. To read more about the dungeon crawl please see The Golden Brew Message Board

On Sunday, celebrants enjoyed a feast at the Golden Brew and games. Easter bunnies were spotted in the fields outside the tavern.

Visitors scoured the hills and forest searching for Easter eggs. Others simply relaxed in the tavern, enjoying the company of friends.

Rimlock Valcite won the Easter Egg hunt. Pie eating was a tie between Rimlock Valcite and Aaron. Vox and Nanaki tied for the costume contest. A picture of party goers dining on roasted pig, succulent game Hens, fresh vegetables, and desserts.

Congratulations to the contest winners! I hope everyone had as good of a time as I did.

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