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April 26, 2001

The Baja Chef's Faire

The following from Moff Tarkin was posted to UO Stratics:

The Baja Chef's Faire

When: 10am PST (17:00 GMT) Saturday April 28, 2001 (See also this Time Zone Converter for help with time zones.)

Where: The Darkmor Tavern in Heaven's Forge, Trammel, Baja Shard. The tavern is located in at 10657N, 5054E (It's a large tower, directly south of the entrance to dungeon Wrong.) Gates will be opened from Darkmor Tavern to inside the Britain West bank every few minutes starting at 9:45am.

Who: The Chef's Faire is organized by the Britannian Society of Chefs [BSC], hosted by Dread Lady Sy Snootles, Grandmaster Chef.

Why: The Chef's Faire is a cross shard event hosted bi-monthly on a shard by shard Basis. It's purpose is to highlight the Cooking skill and to generally just have fun. There's always plenty of free food and drink for everyone, so be sure to stop by!

What: Aside from copious amounts of snacks and beverages, there will be over 100k gold in prizes! The featured events are:
  • The Poison Drink-Off Thirsty? Be ready to lose fame and earn some cash. The first one to die wins. Contestants will be paired off for individual rounds. (I'll be resurrecting the contestants myself after each round, so no worries there.) First place receives a 25k check, second place receives a 10k check. You must have a minimum of 50 strength to qualify for this contest. Contestants may only die from the poison provided. Any other attempts to commit suicide or lemming one's self will result in disqualification.
  • The Chef's Scavenger Hunt Retrieve a small collection of common items, themed on food and Cooking. There will be several different rounds, 10k will be awarded to the winner of each round. (Without giving too much away, an example would be: "I want breakfast. First one to bring me bacon, eggs, and a muffin wins!")
  • Funniest Pet Name Contest Has your trusty steed "Orc Bait" been craving attention? Did you name your ostard "an elder chicken"? Well, this contest is for you. Contestants and their riders will be judged by a panel of Chefs; First place wins 10k and second place wins 5k.

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