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April 24, 2001

Terdeus Hall Grand Reopening

The following announcement was recently posted to the Ultima Online Stratics Web site:

Terdeus Hall Grand Reopening

This Friday, 4/20/2001, Sauron held a Grand Reopening of Terdeus Hall. A sizable crowd turned out to enjoy the festivities which included a scavenger hunt, relay race, riddle contest, best dressed contest, drinking relay, and random trivia.

By the end of the night most of the guests had won a prize! Sauron announced that Terdeus Hall will now have gambling events regularly. So you should drop by and try your luck.

Sauron also said "I would like to also extend a thank you to all the people who donated items to be given away at the event." Indeed it was a fun night for all!

Terdeus Hall now offers gambling be sure to visit and play "Strike it Rich". The jackpot starts off at 110K, and slowly builds up. The objective is to guess 3 rolls of the dice in order. So you guess three numbers, each 2-12, and if they come up in the order you said them, you win the jackpot. The jackpot grows with each bet, and it only costs 100 gp per try! Terdeus Hall and the Mystic Mead Tavern worked together to create this exciting new game.

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