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April 16, 2001

Results of the Mystic Mead Dart Tournament

The following message from Trekonn was posted to UO Stratics:

Results of the Mystic Mead Dart Tournament


I am pleased to announce that The Mystic Mead weekend dart tournament was a great success. Friday started out with our drunken ogre stumbling around towns announcing that we underway. Soon entrants from all over the land came to the tavern to try their hand at the dartboard.

After 3 hours of competition we had a total of 5600gp in the pot. The high for Friday was Nanaki with 95 points, a score that most thought would last throughout Saturday as well. Upon Saturday, there were already contestants lined up eager to attempt topping this great score. Marco Polio, the second contestant on Saturday, had never thrown a dart before. He approached the line and threw 100 points on his first try! The tavern roared with applause. This score would stand all night until the final half-hour of competition.

The competition now hosted a pot of well over 10,000gp. Connar approached the line, he had been trying and trying all night to beat this great score. With extreme concentration and a steady hand he focused on his target. Bullseye!! The applause echoed throughout the tavern...20 point shot! The crowd now cheering him on...10 point shot...the crowd fell silent for fear he was losing his concentration…5 point shot..."OH NO!" A voice from the back bellowed out, murmurs of dissatisfaction traveled throughout the crowd...Connar could sense the pressure and readjusted his stance...Focusing one last time he let the dart fly...20 point shot!

The crowd went wild! After cheering ecstatically many realized that the high score was within reach, and many piled back in line to get one last chance to beat this great score of 105. People threw consistently for the last 20 minutes of the competition, but Connar's score would stand. I was pleased to present Connar with a check for 15,400 gp! A great pot for a great score indeed!

On Sunday evening, many returned to the Mystic Mead in anticipation of the weekly drawing for all that had participated. Undertaker, a Prophet of the OMK graciously donated a SOS and special fishing net to the winner of this drawing. I was pleased to hand this great prize over to Marco Polio.

Congratulations to both Connar and Marco! I hope all that attended enjoyed themselves and hope to see you all at The Mystic Mead next weekend. This weekends drawing for contestants will be a full plate shadow suit and a 5000gp coupon to the OMK Marketplace next door to tavern.

Thank you all,
The Hierophant
Oracle of the Mystic Knight

Posted by Nobody at April 16, 2001 10:51 PM

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