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April 24, 2001

OTS Announces Dungeon Crawl

The following announcement from Steve Irwin was recently posted to the Ultima Online Stratics Web site:

OTS Announces Dungeon Crawl

Event: OTS Dungeon Crawl When: Saturday, April 28,2001 5:30 PST

I would like to invite one and all to the very first OTS Dungeon Crawl. You do not have to be in the OTS to take part in the event. We will be choosing a random dungeon by a clever little system (Thank you Mage Tower). About thirty minutes before 5:30 I will be gating to Lord British's Castle from banks of all towns. (We are meeting at Castle British) Once we have all arived we will pick a dungeon. Gates will then be opened to the entrance of the dungeon.

After every one gets there and a round of Nightsite Spells we will go in the dungeon. We will work our way down to the bottom of the dungeon killing every thing in sight. I personaly will help you get your stuff from your fallen body if needed and Im sure every one else will also. After we are done cleaning out the dungeon gates will be provided to The Mystic Mead. At The Mystic Mead there will be a dart contest for a large pot (15,000 gold last week I think) and a few rounds of Bjorn's Brew. After every one has had their limit gates will be provided back to town.

Steve Irwin
General of All Bards
Children of The Seas

Posted by Nobody at April 24, 2001 11:14 PM

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