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April 17, 2001

New Titles from Ilshenar Confirmed!!!!

The following alert from Gewurtztraminer, a player, posted the following to the official UO3D Boards (which I learned about thanks to the post on UO Stratics):

New Titles from Ilshenar Confirmed!!!!

I spent most of the day yesterday annoying the demons and gargoyles in Ishlenar, killing gargoyles in all of their 51 flavors.

I pulled up my paperdoll and was suprized to see:
The Famed Diogi: Foe of the Abyss Instead of:
The Famed Diogi Grandmaster Mage

Way way way back during the beta they had hinted that titles could be gained by your actions. The example they gave was a warrior who killed a lot of dragons would come to be known as a Dragon Slayer.
And then, continued the UO Stratics reporter, this morning Melantus posted this followup:
This is true and not a rumor. This has something to do with that "mystery" of Ilshenar that I talked about a few weeks ago, but theres much more to it. That's all I'll say about this for now. :)

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