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April 13, 2001

Gamezilla Reviews UO:3D

Gamezilla reviewed Ultima Online: Third Dawn (UO:3D). The full review can be read here. Below is the "overview" which introduces the article:

Ultima Online: Third Dawn
Electronic Arts Reviewed by: Shawna Walls

This is the latest in a series of updates to the original Ultima Online. Many changes to the game simply come through downloaded patches, but Third Dawn is an almost entirely new client, with a new set of 3D graphics. Donít expect the kind of 3D experience youíve seen in other games however; this feels far more like Diablo 2ís graphics. To be compatible with the 2D version thatís still out there, this update only puts a 3D skin on characters and monsters, and upgrades some textures. Those familiar with the 2D version wonít really see much change in the look and feel of the game. The playfield and angles are exactly the same as before, as is perspective. To see any real effects of the 3D, itís necessary to zoom in for more detail (a neat new added feature). Still, itís a nice face lift to an otherwise outdated graphic.

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