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April 6, 2001

Forces of Darkness invade Heaven's Forge - Internal war declared within the Dark Tower

Late last evening, upon the striking of the eighth hour, those associated with the Dark Tower arrived within the glorious, steadfast city of Heavenís Forge. A rally of the Dark Tower had been set earlier this week, as had Na-Krulís threats and damnations towards the cityís mayor, Darius. He had warned the mayor that upon his uncooperation, his city would burn Ė and that soon, his people would bleed. Na-Krul addressed the people of Heavenís Forge, telling them of their future, and his wishes; however, upon their denial of these wishes, Na-Krul had become angered, flustered, and condemned them once and for allÖ

The fire raged out of control, consuming the Heavenís Forge City Hall as guardsmen after guardsmen arrived, helpless to control the magical blaze of destruction. The wood blistered as the hungry, dancing flames eagerly ate away at the life of the structure; column after column of thick, black, noxious smoke rising to choke the midnight sky as those standing before it watched in awe and helplessness. The City Hall, once a place of serene gathering, was transformed into a hell of darkness and daemons. Each dark tower mage summoned forth beast after massive beast, the newly declared citizens of Heavenís Forge, to take appreciation of the engulfing fires before them. Even battle erupted as the Chieftain of the Dertíhed Orc Clan, Slugílug, engaged the paladins attempting to quell the outrage of chaos; exclaiming his new alliance with those of the Dark Tower and rejoicing at the blood spilt in tribute to his god. A night of darkness, blood, and destruction, and a warning of more to come. What is to be done?

In other related news, Ivy, Mistress of the Dark Tower, was assaulted last eve in the chaos of Heavenís Forge. Daemon after daemon struck at her soul at the command of Na-Krul, and his loyal mage, Danica. Na-Krul spoke of her cleansing, and threatened that soon he would once again control the Dark Tower stone. He proclaimed that once this was done, his empire would again be re-built and the entire realm would soon suffer the blight of war. Reports have been made that Na-Krul has indeed won favor of those still inhabiting the Tower, and soon, his prophecy shall come trueÖ

Posted by Thellaren at April 6, 2001 5:31 PM

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