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April 20, 2001

Announcing the First Meeting of the Councel of Merchants

The following announcement from Lord Durnik was posted to UO Stratics:

Announcing the First Meeting of the Councel of Merchants


I am proud to host the first meeting of the Councel of Merchants of Baja on Saturday, April 28th starting at 2 PM Central Time. My ICQ is 17484064. We will be meeting in my Keep in Trammel and gates to the Keep will be available apon request from inside the Nujelmn Bank, the Jhelom Bank and the East Bank in Britain. Gates will not be offered once the Councel starts to meet so please make arrangements to come 20 minutes before hand. Every merchant on baja is invited and urged to attend. Everyone has ideas and I would love to hear them in detail.

The Councel of Merchants will meet to discuss the following topics.
  • What is an acceptable price range for some goods and services.
  • Price for Raw Materials
  • Price for GM Armor and Weapons
  • Price for Assassin Goods
  • Price for Leather Goods
  • Price For GM Potions
  • Establishing business partnerships on Baja.
  • Different ideas on how to run a Mall.
  • Price to charge Merchants
  • When to Kick a Merchant out of your Mall
  • How to handle Empty Vendors
  • Vendor Philosophy
  • How can the Mall give back to the Community
I would like to hear from a diverse group of individuals on these topics. Once we have heard your viewpoints, I will start to model the malls to reflect the ideas that you so generously donated. All ideas and view points will be gladly accepted. Lets leave the egos out of this meeting and do something great for Baja.

Lord Durnik, The Humble Smith

Posted by Nobody at April 20, 2001 5:51 PM

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