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March 19, 2001

Treasure Hunters of Britannia to Host Competition!

The following report from Cypress was posted to UOSS:

Treasure Hunters of Britannia to Host Competition!

Hail! The Baja Chapter of the Treasure Hunters of Britannia will host an event on Saturday, March 24, at 1:00pm Pacific Time. It will take place at the guild HQ in Trammel which is located at sextant coordinates 29:10S 55:41E. It is located on an island south of Britain, so you will need a boat to get there. A gate will appear every 10 minutes between 12:40 and 1:20 in Lord British's throne room as well.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Bring some maps and find a treasure hunter to hire. Non-THB hunters are also encouraged to attend as well.

We'll start out with a simple meet and greet, and if there is some interest we can go on a quick tour of the Khaldun puzzle chests or the best dungeon lockpicking sites. The real fun will start at 1:45pm when we hold the CONTEST:

Teams of 4 people will supply a level 3 treasure map. The goal is to loot the chest and dispatch the guardian spawn as quickly as possible. Entrance fee is 10k gold (easy to recover from the chest loot), and we'll restrict the contest to 10 teams. The team with the fastest time wins all the entrance money. (100k)

To make things fair, the following rules will be observed.
  • The Treasure Hunter does not have to be a member of the THB.
  • The team of 4 may or may not include the treasure hunter. If not a part of the 4, the job of the treasure hunter is to dig and unlock the chest ONLY, and cannot participate in any other form.
  • No dragons/wyrms/pets are allowed. If you ride a mount of any sort (ie: mare), it can only fight if you die.
  • Only 1 bard per team is allowed.
  • Only 1 person on the team is allowed to loot the chest. This person will be designated by the team prior to digging up the chest.
  • A member of the THB will act as timekeeper and judge. Clock is started when the intial guardian spawn emerges. The clock stops when the looter yells "EMPTY" and all the monsters are vanquished.
  • All the monsters must be dispatched (killed). The team does not have to "force" more monsters out of the chest, but is free to do so after the official time is recorded.
  • Spectators are allowed but they must remain hidden or invised at all times. The team has the right to refuse any spectator prior to gating to the treasure site.
  • The map should be for Trammel...This way problems with hidden people blocking won't be an issue.
The hunts will happen more or less simultaneously, depending on the number of judges and spectators. The goal is to be done by 2:30pm, after which we'll head back to the headquarters for the apres-hunt wine and cheese and award ceremony.

To register a team, send an email to: redshiftdragon@home.com.
Baja Shardmaster of THB

Posted by Nobody at March 19, 2001 6:11 PM

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