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March 14, 2001

The Path of the Dagger

*Rain pounds against the Tower on a dark, cold night. Lord Beldock, not noticing much outside the brightly-lit library of the Tower, sits and writes in a finely bound leather book. Dipping a black quill in his ink well, he writes about the Path of the Dagger. *

�The Path of the Dagger�

�Ah, the Daggers. A knife in the night, if the gold glinted brightly enough. Never turn your back on them. You may never know if you are marked. The tomes of old, within the Tower speak better then I can about them:

�The Third Path of the Dark Tower, the Path of the Dagger, was related to the element of Air. Quick and mysterious and keeping to the shadows, it was the rogues and assassins who filled these ranks. Certain fighters, such as fencers and the like were also invited to tread this Path. Regardless of occupation, all...this path were synonymous with treachery. It was not uncommon for them to stick a knife in the back of a dear friend even after talking with them. Those on the Path of the Dagger were the only ones among the Dark Tower who were known to sell their services to outsiders�

*Beldock writes further on the Daggers*

�I personally know of one former member, who continued to try and kill me. Many times the forces of �good� tried to hire him to put a dagger in me. It is said to this day, I am still marked by him. To bad he can�t do much from the grave.�

*Early morning light peeks through the windows, enhancing the shadows within. Looking up, Beldock notes a ghostly figure within the shadows. For a brief moment, the figure waves and departs back to wherever it came. A smile plays on Beldock�s face as he remembers his old friend� and assassin. With a finely written signature, Beldock concludes his brief notes on the Path of the Dagger*

Lord Beldock, Cabal of Ether, DT

Posted by Thellaren at March 14, 2001 12:14 AM

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