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March 18, 2001

The Path of the Dead

*Screams of pain echo through the Tower, deepening the darkness. Beldock looks up for a moment thinking to himself, “Those screams….” With a shrug of disinterest, he pulls out his leather bound book on the Paths. Thinking the screams almost sound like a death cry, he decides to write next on the Path of the Dead*

“Blood. Death. Rituals in the night. What more can be said about these death worshiping members of our Tower? Much. They have the power that no mage was ever born to have. An unnatural power to summon forth armies of the undead. Even I shudder at such power. To cross one, was a fate to come back and serve them…. dead. Once again, I bring forth the ancient book on the Paths, and quote from that dark tome.”

“The Second Path of the Dark Tower, the Path of the Dead was based upon the element of Earth. It was the Necromancers who made up this Path. A small but powerful group, the Necromancers were secretive and tended to disassociate from the rest of the Dark Tower. Those on the Path of the Dead were also notorious for working well together, most likely due to the ritualistic nature of their magic. It has been suggested by some that the Path of the Dead is the Dark Tower, for they draw their power from the deaths caused by the other Paths”

*Beldock finishes his notes for another evening, as he hears footsteps outside the Library door. Getting up to see what all the activity is, he sees a man running from the roof, bleeding from a severe wound to his stomach from an unexpected attack. The man does not even notice Beldock standing there, due to pain and fright he has just faced. Wondering what or whom has caused this, he sees a mounted man on a horse with long gray hair. “Father” Beldock says, nodding to his adoptive father, Captain Trips*

Lord Beldock, Cabal of Ether, DT

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