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March 15, 2001

Test Center Showdown (Lake Inferior vs Baja)

Inspired by the recent forays of bloodthirsty miners into the hills of Napa Valley, Baja residents hone their eyes on the evil denizens of another shard, Lake Superior. The following was found on the UO Stratics Baja Forum:

Ok guys here's the skinny on our Test Center showdown vs Lake Inferior.

Be in Britain at the tailor shop with your new characters by 6 PM CST on Sunday (the 18th). Make SURE you make an alchemist as you'll get a Newbie robe (you can easily change the skill later). Once everyone gets rounded around and stocked up with what they need I will be gating to the "Baja guild house" on test center where I will add you all to our guild "Baja Rocks!, BJA". In the house are a couple dye tubs, pink and green, for you to color your robes or clothes however you wish. At 7 we will be meeting back at Britain and will decide on a place to have the PvP war. There are only 2 rules so far:

1. No looting (it's test center, ur not gaining anything, and it's annoying to have to keep running back to restock)
2. No reskilling (it's just annoying)

Me and Foolkiller do have a few tactics up our sleeves. So if you wanna help with us on those I think Foolkiller may already have people lined up to do his but if people wanna help me than just PM me or ICQ me, my number is 17534498.



Posted by Thellaren at March 15, 2001 1:44 AM

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