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March 26, 2001

Seer Eliar Quits

Eliar, a Seer of Baja, unexpectedly quit the Interest program sometime before 9pm PST last night.

Ursula, proprietress of the Golden Brew on Trammel, contacted several handfuls of known friends and "fans" of Seer Eliar about one hour earlier, asking them to come to the Golden Brew but not telling these people why she summoned them. At about 9pm, Ursula's announcement began simply: "Eliar resigned."

Confusion followed, as did many questions amid a small amount of speculation. Some answers came slowly, but soon enough ex-Seer Eliar, herself, showed up at the famous pub. Eliar stated she had no plans to quit, implying that it was a quick and recent decision. She expressed concerns about the state of the Interest program, citing that she felt it was in downward decline and "has been for the better part of the last year." Still, she was in good spirits.

"I was brought in with the second batch of Seers," she told the crowd. "I was the first seer brought in from open applications." During part of the conversation she praised ex-Seer Thayer for the work he did while enrobed. She then mentioned that early in her career as a Baja Seer she worked alone, and, even though she is leaving, there will be other Interest Program volunteers who still remain for Baja.

When asked why she chose Baja as her Shard, she responded, "I chose it because I was a PK and very much a fan of the WTFMen." Later she admitted one of her first events was ironically ruined by a "cheap clone" of Ronald McDonald (of WTFMan and formely of Baja). "Before I became a Seer, confessed Eliar, "I had no RP experience."

"As for the Faire Grounds," glowed Eliar, "You can't get me to stop advertising it even after I'm gone." Eliar mentioned that she had a large tournament concept for the Faire Grounds, and hinted that she may like to pursue it should the remaining Interest Volunteers on Baja choose not to continue with it. Those in the Golden Brew offered their help, beginning with outfitting the ex-Seer in approriately green clothing, including a mage's hat and staff to whack people with. Toward the end of the intial conversation there were those who felt she implied she might continue on Baja as a player at some point.

The Golden Brew enjoys the company of Ex-Seer Eliar"

Note: A Seer is a volunteer, sort of like Counselors, except they make Quests and other such entertaining events for players. Seer Eliar is known for her part in the creation of the Skara Brae Faire Grounds and for playing the role of Michael Blake, among numerous other events and characters.

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