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March 17, 2001

Renovations planned for the Sky Malls

The following announcement from Lord Durnik was posted to UOSS:

Renovations planned for the Sky Malls


I am Lord Durnik , ICQ # 17484064, and I have some terrific news concerning the 4 Castle in the Sky Malls on Baja. In the next few weeks, after the Carpet and the floor tiles have been published on Baja, I will be redesigning all 4 Sky Malls. As a result, every merchant will be unfriended and his or her vendor will be removed from the Sky Malls. We will be renovating each Sky Mall One at a time. After Renovation is complete, we will be moving the vendors back in the mall. I personally apologize for any inconveniece this will cause.

Renovations include the laying of carpet and floor tiles to make the place look sharp. Public Forges, Anvils, Leather Dye Tubs, Furniture Dye Tubs, Black Dye Tubs will be added to all 4 malls. Additionally, we will be placing a Vast Rune Library in each Mall. Runes to Popular Valorite Locations, Rare Locations and Cities, Shrines, Towns and a Complete Set Of Dungeon Runes.

Additionally, I will take personal care to ensure the fluff vendors are removed fom each Sky Mall. I will be posting a new complete Rule Book for each merchant in the Sky Malls. Its time to remove the bad vendors and get good quality merchandise. To help me in this endeavor, I will be gathering a group of 12 players who will be promoted to Mall Manager. These individuals will be incharge of day to day monitoring of the malls. Each mall will have 3 Mall Managers and Sir Hartman II will be promoted to General Superviser of all 4 Malls. Expect to see a vast change to each of the Sky Malls in the near future.

Furthermore, During the Renovation process, I will be hiring decoraters to help in the renovation process. If you are interested in being an interior Decorater for the Sky Mall, please feel free to ICQ me.

Thank You for your time,
Lord Durnik

Posted by Nobody at March 17, 2001 3:28 PM

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