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March 18, 2001

Path of the Blade

*Lord Beldock sits in the Library of the Tower while Grohl silently reads the tomes of old. As Beldock continues his writings on the Paths, merry-making folk gather in the land of Trammel at Darkmor. Unknowing to them, forces slowly gather around the Dark Tower…*

“The Blades are unique to the Tower, for they are not usually a mage. They are a hard, tough and quick on their feet. Quick to fight and usually the first into battle. They make up the armies of the Dark Tower. In times of need, the ranks of the Blade swell into vast armies that have lain waste to many towns and cities. Another verse from an ancient text I will quote here:”

“The Fourth Path of the Dark Tower was known as the Path of the Blade. This Path corresponded to the element of Water. The...a peculiarity among the Dark Tower, for those who numbered among its ranks were known to have a sense of honor, however twisted it may be...associated with...ritual drink...of suitably consecrated water. It was this Path that made up the Dark Paladins. Many of our grimmer fairy tales involve these feared characters as the primary villains.”

*Beldock concludes his writings with a poem that Ivy whispered during a fevered sleep*

“Sonnet of the Blade”

"We hungrily search for a bit of food
Stalking, silent, through the forest's dark night
Knowing we are evil, we flee from good
I bind with my spell, while she causes fright.
My wielder now shuns me just as the light.
Battle cries erupt as she pulls me free;
One against many, we will win this fight.
I feed on her soul and one we shall be.
Although I am steel and mere flesh be she,
I am her master and she is my slave.
I will return to her, mine she shall be.
She is stubborn, her resistance is brave.
Killing enemies I feed her their souls;
Blackness inside is the highest of tolls..."

Lord Beldock, Cabal of Ether, DT

Posted by Thellaren at March 18, 2001 1:26 PM

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