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March 14, 2001

OSI: Various Changes and Fixes

The following was just posted to Testing for Next Update on the UO.com

Various Changes and Fixes

An issue with Inscription was fixed

Some issues with the Faction system were corrected, including:
  • Players with more then one account not being able to join Factions with both accounts simultaneously
  • Silver accumulation and retention issues
Guildmasters unable to remove players from the guild with names listed on the second viewing page of the guild menu has been fixed.

Required skills for creating craftable carpentry and tailoring items have been adjusted to require the appropriate level of skill.

Certain high level creatures were not including treasure maps as part of their loot. This has been fixed.

House sign hueing issues were corrected.

The new player tutorial will now accept localized speech commands.

Vendors will now change directions to face only the vendor owner when spoken to. Additionally, the distance required for owners speaking to vendors to change their directions has been increased. Players wishing to purchase from vendors will now be able to do some from an increased distance as well.

A problem with dungeon traps overlapping has been corrected

A problem with the house decoration tool has been corrected in the following
  • Yellow boxes are no longer flippable
  • Stackables are no longer flippable
  • Items over 100 stone weight are no longer changeable

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