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March 13, 2001

OSI: Publish Update - All Remaining Shards

The following was recently announced on the FYI page of the Ultima Online Web site:

Publish Update - All Remaining Shards

We will be publishing the changes and fixes listed in Testing for Next Update Testing for Next Update to the all remaining shards to be active following their Wednesday, March 14th (local server time) maintenance period.

Shards updated with the publish at this time will be:
  • Oceania
  • Formosa
  • Arirang
  • Balhae
  • Yamato
  • Asuka
  • Izumo
  • Wakoku
  • Hokuto
  • Europa
  • Drachenfels
  • Baja
  • Napa Valley
  • Sonoma
  • Pacific
  • Siege Perilous
While Siege Perilous does not normally maintenance on Wednesday’s, it will be brought down for maintenance at approximately 7:00am on March 14th (CST) to accommodate this publish.

Changes in this publish include:
  • The addition of the Ilshenar land mass
  • Taxidermy kits
  • Hair Stylist NPCs
  • Item Identification changes
  • Good creatures vs. karma
  • Player-owned vendor changes
  • And several additional updates and fixes listed at Testing for Next Update.
Please note: as this publish contains a major number of changes necessary for Ultima Online: Third Dawn, including the addition of the Ilshenar land mass, the maintenance period for these shards will last approximately 1 hour beyond the normally scheduled downtime.

Important: While the publish will activate the Ilshenar lands on the East Coast shards, the Ultima Online: Third Dawn client is still in beta testing stages. Please keep this in mind before traveling to Ilshenar with any of your established characters. You will be unable to access the Ilshenar lands without the Third Dawn beta client.

We will continue to monitor these shards and will announce a schedule for publish to the remaining shards in the near future.

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